Sand filter, pre-treatment, water treatment equipment

Sand filter, pre-treatment, water treatment equipment

Product description:

Sand filter, pre-treatment, water treatment equipment.
Sand Filter (English sand filter), scientific name: shallow media filters (English: Shallow medium filter), it is a use of the filter media to remove all suspended solids, microorganisms, and other fine particles in the water, and ultimately to reduce water turbidity , water purification effect of an efficient filtration equipment commonly used quartz sand filter, activated carbon, anthracite, manganese sand, etc. widely applied to agricultural irrigation, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, mining and other industries.

High-speed sand tank is working properly, you need to filter the water reaches the dielectric layer through the intake, then most of the contaminants are trapped on the surface of the medium, fine dirt and other floating organic matter trapped inside the dielectric layer, in order to ensure the production system without interference pollutants, can be good work. After running, when impurities in the water and suspended solids up to a certain amount of time, the filter system through real-time detection of differential pressure control device the pressure difference, when the pressure reaches When the set value, three hydro-electric control PLC control system will send a signal control valve, three-way hydraulic control valve automatically controls the corresponding filter unit of the three-way valve by water, let it close the inlet channel at the same time open the drain channel, then less pressure because the sewage channel, other water filtration unit will be under pressure to enter the water through the filter element outlet, and continued erosion of the dielectric layer of the filter element, so as to achieve the effect of the cleaning medium, After rinsing in water under the action of pressure into the filter unit by the outfall of the sewage pipes, to complete a sewage process. This kind of filter can also be used to control the way the timing of sewage, when the time reaches the timing controller set time when the electrical box to send out a signal sewage cleaning tee hydraulic control valve, the specific discharge procedure above.

Its features are as follows : 1, high-speed sand tank sand media filter precision, increase the multi-layer filter medium, large filtration area small pressure loss, can achieve large flow.

High-precision filter, conventional filter is difficult to achieve.

2, sewage control and diverse: automatic control, pressure control, manual control.

3, sand filter maintenance, easy maintenance, repair stations set up, easy to replace the filter media

4, filtration levels, one by one when the clean-up, cleaning uninterrupted water supply, continuous flow.

5, advanced control system: The control system can adjust its operating mode and operating status depending on the water quality, the ability to adapt to a variety of water.

6, can achieve local control and remote control: If you live in special circumstances, the operator enters the inconvenience, set up remote control function can be added.

7, the filter media control system has run out, failure alarm output functions, ensure the equipment is safe and reliable use.

8, connection flange connection, typically GB flange, versatility.