Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment EDI

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment EDI

Product description:

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment EDI
This device is a reverse osmosis EDI as a high-water pre-treatment devices, simple structure, good system stability.

RO basic working principle is: the use of a special high-pressure pumps, the original 6-20 kg of water was added to the pressure on the raw water under pressure is only 0.0001 micron pore permeates through reverse osmosis membrane chemical ions and bacteria, fungi, viruses. the body can not, with wastewater discharge, allowing only water molecules and by volume of less than 0.0001 microns osmosis device having a compact structure, small footprint, high water production unit, energy consumption, removal of impurities thoroughly, using a wide range of automation high degree, easy to operate, pollution and so many advantages.
EDI is an ion exchange technology, ion-exchange membrane and ion mobility technology combines pure water manufacturing technology. EDI system with no acid regeneration, continuous, simple operation, reduces installation requirements, etc.
RO reverse osmosis system + EDI and EDI will combine the advantages, better use of its advantages to the treatment session:
1, reverse osmosis and EDI can be combined with a smaller plant, lower operating costs to produce ultra-pure water;
2, the preparation of a wide range of applied space, water, pure water, distilled water reverse osmosis and ion exchange combination can reduce the plant area and reduce operating costs low.;
3, alcohol manufacture and reduce the degree of water; pre-prepared medicine, electronics and other industries of water;
4, the chemical process of concentration, separation, purification and distribution of water preparation; boiler feed water desalination soft water; seawater, brackish water desalination;
5, papermaking, electroplating, printing and dyeing industry, water and wastewater treatment.

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