EDI equipment, ultra-pure water equipment

EDI equipment, ultra-pure water equipment

Product description:

EDI equipment, ultra-pure water equipment
My company specializes in the design, commissioning of various EDI equipment, the company has a number of experienced experts and engineers, according to user requirements and design high quality and stable operation of the EDI equipment.

Electrodeionization (Electrodeionization) referred to EDI, an ion-exchange technology, ion-exchange membrane and ion mobility technology combines pure water manufacturing technology a high-tech green technology. EDI with continuous water purification equipment, without acid regeneration and unattended, etc., have been gradually replaced by a system in preparation of pure water as a mixed bed polishing equipment. Good environmental characteristics of this advanced technology, simple operation to use, more and more recognized by people , but also more and more widely popularized in medicine, electronics, electrical, chemical and other industries.

1. without acid regeneration: in mixed bed resin acid regeneration need to use chemicals, while EDI eliminates the handle and heavy work of these hazardous substances to protect the environment.

2. Continuous, simple operation: Due to changes in the mixed bed regeneration and water quality every time, so that the operation becomes complicated, and the process of EDI product water is stable continuous product water quality is constant, no complicated operating procedures, operations greatly simplified.

3. Reduce the installation requirements: EDI system considerably compared with treated water mixed bed, has a smaller volume, which uses modular structure, can be based on the size of the venue the flexibility to construct modular design, so EDI in production. When the work can be easy to maintain.

Our EDI plant process design reasonable design, so that the module is always in the best operating conditions, its stable life can reach more than 3 years! EDI power supplies are DC constant current power supply, providing a powerful guarantee for the stable operation of the EDI unit!