Ion exchange softened water treatment system

Ion exchange softened water treatment system

Product description:

Ion exchange softened water treatment system
Ion exchange, softened water treatment system is mainly used in boilers, thermal power plants, chemical industry, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics, atomic energy and ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis water equipment needed to deal with the front channel processing, industrial production water softening, deionized water 场合 prepared, but also for the Food and Drug decolorization purification, precious metals, recycling of chemical raw materials, electroplating wastewater treatment and so on.

1, high degree of automation: automatic water softening equipment after initial installation, simply artificial regeneration salt added regularly, you can achieve continuous production of water in the automatic condition, save a lot of manpower and material resources.

2, exchange capacity, low salt consumption: automatic water softening equipment by avoiding the influence of human factors, to achieve automatic control of a strict, general resin exchange capacity can reach about 1000 g eq / cubic meter, while the salt consumption It may be less than 100 g / g equivalent.

Automatic softened water tank with a preparation of the double boiler water softening equipment - automatic water softening, one with a prepared softened water equipment, boiler water softening equipment.

3, low power consumption: conventional manual devices require at least one salt pump and often corrosion problems, maintenance workload is also large, direct impact on the safe and stable operation of equipment and automated devices do not need salt pump, power consumption is low.

4, anti-corrosion, anti-pollution: automatic water softening equipment bed body with glass and steel corrosion materials, pipeline corrosion-resistant materials, high corrosion resistance, which completely solved the problem of equipment corrosion.

5, reasonable structure, easy to install: automatic equipment, the overall design is reasonable, is greatly reduced compared to conventional equipment footprint, lightweight body structure also allows the device easy to install, can be flexibly arranged according to the site conditions.

6, reliable performance, stable operation: many years of practical experience in application point of view, automatic water softening equipment stable performance, sensitive and reliable design of the company's extensive and practical experience, comprehensive after-sales service, the equipment is in good operation. status.