Nanofiltration system

Nanofiltration system

Product description:

Nanofiltration system
Our engineering staff designed a nanofiltration system integration, composed respectively by the preprocessing part ultrafiltration, nanofiltration section, water supply section, high degree of automation, stable operation, product water quality fully meet the national drinking water standards .

Equipment Production Capacity: 5 tons / hour

Process equipment: sand filtration - carbon filter - ultrafiltration - nanofiltration - Water Supply

(NF) is a membrane between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis separation technology between its molecular weight cutoff in the range of 80-1000, the pore size of a few nanometers, so called nanofiltration based on the superior characteristics of nanofiltration separation technology, which shows broad application prospects in the pharmaceutical, bio-chemical, food industry and many other areas.

Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. nanofiltration system features:

1, the system filters and high precision, stable treatment effect, easy maintenance, equipment appearance, precision manufacturing;

2, system parameters and accurate control, automation designed, can be completely controlled according to customer requirements;

3, system design experience, design capabilities covering liters per hour from tens to hundreds of tons per hour laboratory equipment of large industrial systems

4, system design verification process rigorous, rigorous design specifications

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