MBR sewage treatment equipment

MBR sewage treatment equipment

Product description:

MBR sewage treatment equipment
Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. for Chinese rural sewage treatment designed a MBR sewage treatment equipment, advanced technology, small footprint, easy to move and so on.

Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. for Chinese rural sewage treatment designed a MBR sewage treatment equipment, advanced technology, small footprint, easy to move and so on. Equipment used to facilitate the movement of container design, equipment main components are selection of the industry's leading products, fans, pumps, motors etc. in the form of a preparation of a choice, online automatic switching, which greatly improves system performance and stability. equipment capacity of 5 tons per hour of water.

Features introduced:

Membrane - bioreactor (Membrane Bio-Reactor, MBR) is a membrane separation The new sewage and wastewater treatment technology and organic combination of biological treatment technology System to replace the traditional MBR membrane biological treatment technology end of the secondary settling tank, to maintain a high concentration of activated sludge in the bioreactor, increase the biological treatment of organic load, greatly sewage treatment facilities footprint, and by keeping a low sludge load reduction The remaining amount of sludge. The main advantage of the pool immersed in the aerobic bioreactor endometrial Interception tank sludge and organic molecules .MBR The system activated sludge (MLSS) concentration can be increased to 8000 ~ 10000mg / L, or even higher; sludge age (SRT) may be extended to more than 30 days.

Membrane bioreactor effectively retain its role, may be retained longer generation time of microorganisms can be realized on wastewater purification, simultaneous nitrification bacteria in the system can Full breeding, the nitrification effect is obvious, to provide depth phosphorus and nitrogen removal possible.

Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. MBR membrane bioreactor, MBR sewage treatment equipment

The main process equipment;


Sewage often contains a lot of debris, in order to ensure the normal operation of membrane bioreactor must be all kinds of fibers, slag material, waste paper and other debris out of the system to intercept, so setting the grill in front of the membrane bioreactor regularly The screenings clean.

Regulation pool

Sewage water quantity and quality are collected over time, in order to ensure the normal operation of the follow-up treatment systems, reduce operating load, the need for quantity and quality of sewage mediation, and therefore in Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. designer Before entering the biological treatment system designed to adjust pool Adjust tanks need regular cleaning precipitate. adjusting tank overflow generally set at the load is too large, to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Hair collector

In the MBR system Inside, because it contains a small amount of hair and fiber, not clean, have a water pump and a membrane bioreactor reactor clogging, reduce processing efficiency and may eventually result in paralysis of the entire system, so in Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. Designers in the raw water entering the system setup before the hair collector.

MBR membrane bioreactor

In the membrane bioreactor reaction and separation of the pond were the degradation of organic pollutants in the mud as the core of the processing system, which includes microbial colonies reaction cell, membrane, drainage system, water system, aeration system.

Disinfection means

According to the requirements of the water, membrane bioreactor design sterilization devices, can automatically control the dosage.

Online metering monitoring devices

Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., designers in order to ensure the system is running well, the system is designed to monitor an online metering device parameter control systems. Online measurement monitoring equipment including flow meters, temperature meters, level meters, pressure instruments, etc.

MBR sewage treatment system electronic control system

Stainless steel floor standing electrical control box mounted on the rear container cabinets. Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. For this purpose the control device is designed with manual control and automatic control of two forms and fans, pumps, motors are used in a preparation of a during the operation of automatic switching run or manual mode manually. Automatic mode In PLC control system water level, temperature, pressure, flow run automatically according to the situation. suction pump to run at preset time period intermittent control, when the membrane bioreactor When the reaction tank low water level, the suction pump automatically stops to protect the membrane.


(1) The water quality is good, stable transition of water so as to obtain a high film than the conventional activated sludge process within membrane bioreactor Biological much higher concentrations, greatly improved biodegradability and anti-shock loading capability. At the same time, a long sludge retention time, which is also difficult degradation of organic matter decomposing bacteria and nitrification bacteria microbes to slow the proliferation in the reactor Reproduction enrichment, especially for the removal of refractory organics and ammonia can achieve the desired effect. On the other hand, membrane bioreactor membrane separation membrane pore size is less than the retention of organic macromolecules role, to ensure filtered water in sterilization, eliminate suspended solids and reduce BOD aspect very stable.

(2) small footprint membrane bioreactor can maintain a high sludge concentration, usually MLSS is 8 ~ 20g / L, is 2.5 to 5 times the conventional biological treatment, while the system eliminates the need for secondary sedimentation tank and sludge return equipment, which covers an area of ​​the province, can be placed in a container.

(3) membrane bioreactor operation and maintenance simple membrane separation unit process is simple, running water and sludge from mud and other factors affecting the expansion, operation and maintenance simple and convenient, and easy to implement automatic control and management.

(4) membrane bioreactor sludge system at low cost water sludge concentration is high, long sludge age, which means less mud, sludge production accounted for only 30 percent of traditional crafts, which is the follow-up of sludge treatment is extremely favorable.

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is mainly used in urban sewage recycling purification, sewage treatment by MBR effluent quality has reached the Ministry of Construction (life miscellaneous water quality standards), it can be directly used for landscaping, flushing, fire protection, building water reuse supplemented purpose ornamental water and other non-potable water, MBR has for easy automatic control and operations management, etc., so in terms of urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, etc., have been applied.

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology is a new wastewater treatment technology of membrane separation technology and bio-technology combine, which uses membrane separation device activated sludge biochemical pool and organic molecules trapped live, eliminating the need for secondary settling tanks. Membrane - bioreactor process by membrane separation technology greatly strengthened the bioreactor function, activated sludge concentration is greatly improved, and its hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT) can be controlled separately.

MBR sewage treatment system application scope Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. designs

MBR membrane bioreactor is widely used in living quarters Rural sewage, hotels, resorts, schools, office buildings, and other decentralized user's daily sewage treatment, reuse and beer, leather, food, chemical industry organic waste water treatment. Membrane bioreactor water production common irrigation, washing, sanitation, landscaping and other non-potable functions.

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