FRP membrane shell

FRP membrane shell

Product description:

FRP membrane shell
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FRP reverse osmosis membrane shell is wrapped by a computer program-controlled unit and high-performance processing equipment made of. Based on these high-efficiency unit combined with high-precision process, thus ensuring the high quality of the production. And through quality security system to meet the fiberglass shell reverse osmosis membrane growing market demand. The membrane shell easy accessibility, enabling users to save a lot of time and maintenance costs.

Membrane shell Features:

Reliable and simple structure;

Beautiful polished outer design;

Security bolt;

High-quality polished inner core design makes the film even more simple and convenient disassembly.

Pressure Level:

End opening membrane shell (PSI): 250300400600 and 1000;

Side openings membrane shells (PSI): 150300450600 and 1000.

Intake Size:

End opening membrane shell: 0.5'NPT, 0.75'NPT; 11/2 ';

Side openings membrane shells: 11/2 ', 2', 2 1/2 '; Available Length: core 11.52345677.58