10 tons per hour reverse osmosis equipment

10 tons per hour reverse osmosis equipment

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10 tons per hour reverse osmosis equipment
Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, EDI and other equipment, has many years of design experience. Quality protection, low running costs.

Pictured on my company for ultrasonic cleaning machine supporting automatic unattended reverse osmosis water treatment system, water production 10 tons per hour, all parameters via sensor sensing device first bit machine by the computer monitoring, operation management device to facilitate conditions at a glance.

1. what feels like reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is 60 years developed a new membrane separation technology, is to rely on reverse osmosis membrane under pressure in the solution of solvent and solute separation process. RO English full name is 'REVERSE OSMOSIS', abbreviated as 'RO'.

2. The principle of reverse osmosis:

We must first understand the 'infiltration' concept. Penetration is a physical phenomenon. When two different salts containing water, such as with a semi-permeable membrane to separate will find that while a small amount of salt water would penetrate seep through the membrane to the high salt content of the water, but did not penetrate the salt contained, so that both sides of the salt concentration gradually integrated into equal so far. However, to accomplish this process takes a long time, this process also called osmotic pressure. However, if the high salt content of the water side, plus a stress test, the results can also be said infiltration is stopped, when the pressure is called osmotic pressure. If the pressure is increased again, you can make a direction opposite directions penetration, while the remaining salt. Therefore, the principle of reverse osmosis desalination, is in the salty water (such as raw water), to impose more pressure than the natural osmotic pressure, the permeate in the opposite direction, the water molecules in the raw water pressure to the other side of the membrane into clean water, so as to achieve the purpose of removing impurities in the water, salinity.

3. RO reverse osmosis of origin: Single-stage reverse osmosis equipment, pure water treatment equipment, electronic pure water equipment

1950 US scientists stumbled DR.S.Sourirajan Once at sea gulls flying sip from the sea since a big mouth water, after a few seconds, spit out a mouthful of seawater, and doubt, because the land of withdrawing from the lung Hu Animals are absolutely undrinkable high salty seawater. After autopsy found the body of a layer of seagulls film which is very sophisticated, sea gulls inhaled through after pressing, then through the pressure of the water molecules permeate through the film into fresh water, while the water containing high concentration of impurities and salt outside the mouth of the discharge, namely the subsequent reverse osmosis basic theoretical framework law; and in 1953 by the University of Florida applied to desalination to remove salt equipment, in 1960 by the US Federal US government support for the project, Professor of Medicine UCL A University Dr. S. Sidney Lode with DR. Dr. S. Soirirajan started studying reverse osmosis membrane, about four hundred million US dollars investment in research funds a year to apply astronauts used to make spacecraft do not carry large amounts of drinking water off until 1960 into research scholars, experts and more and more, making it more sophisticated quality and quantity, so as to solve the problem of water for human Chin finite Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology the company.