Ultrafiltration device

Ultrafiltration device

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Ultrafiltration device
Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. for the ultrafiltration device has a very rich experience, to deal with well water, river water, sea water, liquid concentrate, colliery water aspects of success stories, and has its own unique approach.

Pictured: 10 tons per hour ultrafiltration device

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First, the ultrafiltration device works:
Ultrafiltration is a kind of screening for the separation principle, to pressure-driven membrane processes, filtration accuracy within 0.005-0.01μm range, can effectively remove particles, colloids, bacteria, heat and high-molecular organic substances. can be widely used material separation, concentration and purification. ultrafiltration process without phase transformation, room temperature operation, the separation is particularly suitable for heat-sensitive material, and has good heat resistance, acid and oxidation resistance, it can be at 60 ℃ The following, pH 2-11 under conditions of long-term continuous use.
Second UF Category:
Ultrafiltration membrane structure is divided into a variety of configurations according to frame type (plate), hollow fiber, nano membrane sheet membrane, tube, roll, etc. Among them, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane technology is the most mature and advanced form hollow fiber outer diameter of 0.4-2.0mm, inner diameter 0.3-1.4mm, full of pores, pore size of the hollow fiber wall in order to retain the material expression of molecular weight, molecular weight cutoff up to several tens of thousands million. Raw water in the outer or inner chamber pressure hollow fiber flow, respectively, constitute the external pressure and internal pressure hollow membrane. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtering process, are retained material can be ruled out with the concentrate without clogging the membrane surface, long-term continuous operation.

Three ultrafiltration technology applications:
Ultrafiltration applied early industrial wastewater and sewage treatment. Thirty years, with the development of ultrafiltration technology, membrane technology applications now have a wide range, including the food industry, beverage industry, dairy industry, bio fermentation, bio-medicine, pharmaceutical chemicals, biological agents, Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, printing and dyeing wastewater, food industrial wastewater treatment, recycling and environmental engineering, and so on.
Four ultrafiltration equipment advantages:
A. ultrafiltration membrane components using the world famous film company products to ensure that customers receive the world's best organic film element present, thereby ensuring rejection performance and membrane flux.
B. system high recovery rate, resulting excellent product quality, can achieve efficient separation of materials, purification and high-times concentrated.
C. no phase change process, without any adverse effect on the composition of the material, and the separation, purification and concentration process always at room temperature, especially suitable for processing heat-sensitive material, completely avoid the high temperature of biologically active substances that destroy malpractice, effective to retain the original material system bioactive substances and nutrients.
D. system, low energy consumption, short production cycle, compared with the traditional process equipment, equipment operating costs low, can effectively reduce production costs and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.
E. System advanced technology design, high degree of integration, compact structure, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, low labor intensity.
F. system material used in the production of sanitary valves, field sanitation, meet GMP or FDA GMP requirements.
G. The control system can be personalized according to user specific requirements of design, combined with advanced control software, field-line centralized monitoring of important process parameters, to avoid artificial misuse, multi-faceted system to ensure long-term stable operation.
Five hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane in use should note:
A. filtration system regularly sterilized. Ultrafiltration membrane can retain bacteria, but not kill the bacteria, even the best retention ultrafiltration membrane can not be long-term guarantee a clean area not long a bacteria, the bacteria may multiply. Direct affected by water quality, translucent white floc filamentous fungal groups such as some mineral water appeared finished, the system is mainly due to mold contamination. Therefore, you must regularly turnaround environment and filtration systems for regular sterilization, off operating cycle of bacteria due to the supply of raw water quality circumstances, ordinary tap water for the city, the summer of 7 to 10 days, from 30 to 40 days in winter, spring and fall 20 to 30 days. surface water as the supply of water, the sterilization cycle more short. sterile drug available 500 ~ 1000mg / L sodium hypochlorite solution or 1% aqueous hydrogen peroxide recycle stream or soak for about half an hour.
B. Because each ultrafiltration membrane module at the factory added protection solution, rinse thoroughly before using protection liquid component, first with low pressure (0.1MPa) water rinse 1 hour, and then use high pressure (0.2MPa) water rinse 1 hour , regardless of the low-pressure or high-pressure washing when water production system drain valve should be fully open. When using water production, water should be checked and confirmed that the product does not contain any fungicides.
C. ultrafiltration membrane module to gently, and attention to the protection, since the ultrafiltration membrane module is a precision equipment, so be careful when using the installation, to gently, but can not throw bad. Assembly if disabled, first with rinse with water, add 0.5% aqueous solution of formaldehyde were sterilized and sealed. As winter assembly but also for freezing treatment, or components may be scrapped .- Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd.