Wholesale and retail bag filter, liquid filter bags

Wholesale and retail bag filter, liquid filter bags

Product description:

Wholesale and retail bag filter, liquid filter bags
Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. provides a variety of bag filter, liquid filter bag filtration accuracy by the ordinary filter bags, oil removal filter bag series, the absolute accuracy of 0.5 micron -600 micron filter bag series between the like and can provide users with related technical support and equipment supply program. Address: Shahe, Changping District

Filter bag production: The main material used with the industry's highest standards of foreign manufacturers or the same manufacturer-owned factory in the domestic production of special liquid filter material were to come forward with a special filter filtrate singeing treatment, both effectively prevent fibers from the filtrate contamination, but also to avoid. traditional roll-over treatment caused pore blockage and reduced bag life. All the raw materials are the white, without any special dyeing process in full compliance with environmental standards, but also because of the three-dimensional needle felt filter layer, such that the liquid flows through the filter bags When the particles due to deep bed filtration mechanism in the inner wall of the liquid filter bags surface and deep, solid or colloidal particles with high collection efficiency. Needle felt uniform thickness and stable opening rate and the full strength of the bag stable efficiency , the use of a longer time.

Seam filter bag processing method is the use of five-line sewing, sewing needle distance of not less than 35 ± 5 per 10cm needles, sutures made of high strength polyester / polypropylene of the white line; bag mouth ring rims / galvanized ring diameter of 3mm. ensure that each filter bag filter can achieve the best protection. Use a wide range applicable to all industries liquid filtration.

Filtration: 1 micron (12,500 head), 5 micron (2500 mesh), 10 m (1250), 15 microns (800 mesh) and 25 microns (500 mesh) and 50 microns (280 mesh), 100 microns (140 mesh ), 150 microns (100 mesh), 200 micrometers (76 mesh), 300 micrometers (50 mesh) and the like.

Filter bag Specifications: 180 * 410 # bags, bags of 180 * 820 # 2, # 3 bags of 100 * 230, 100 * 420 # 4 bags, bags of 152 * 5 # 520

Other sizes: customers actually need to use custom processing.

I circle Material: galvanized steel ring, stainless steel ring, PP plastic ring, suitable for 1-5 # liquid filters Other ring opening, acyclic mouth, they circle the tether, and other specifications can be customized process: Full welding, seam line bottom seam hot-melt collar seam, bottom seam stitching collar melt.