Reverse osmosis equipment Iron and Steel Institute

Reverse osmosis equipment Iron and Steel Institute

Product description:

Reverse osmosis equipment Iron and Steel Institute
A set of 30 tons of steel the company for a Design Institute / h reverse osmosis unit, manual / automatic control, and a remote monitoring, data acquisition records and other functions run high degree of automation and stable operation.

This set of characteristics of reverse osmosis
(1) unattended, quality and stability.

(2) membrane element 8040 by the United States Hyde membrane, good quality and stable performance.

(3) high-pressure pump Danish Grundfos brand, well-known, quality and security

(4) The automatic control system main components are made of Siemens products, reliable quality and stable operation of equipment to provide protection!

Small (5) footprint, low operating costs.

Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing is located in the beautiful garden - Shahe Town, Changping District Shahe Road Zhuangqiao industrial city hospital.

Our company is a professional R & D, design, marketing, sale as one of professional water treatment equipment company, offers a variety of water treatment equipment, supplies, and accessories.

Company employees, the main scientific and management personnel are engaged in water treatment professional experts and engineers, to provide users with pre-project feasibility report, water treatment technology programs, economic assessment, technical advice; mid-water treatment engineering design, installation, user and technical training; later inspection and maintenance, supporting parts, supplies, such as improving the supply of products and professional service.

I provide the raw water pretreatment equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, electrodialysis equipment, high-pure water equipment, EDI high water, deionized water (desalinated water) ultrapure water treatment equipment, etc. Its products are widely used in pure water, mineral water plant engineering, high-water engineering, pharmaceutical purified water engineering, hemodialysis water treatment works, water engineering group, building quality water works, water treatment works villa, brackish water desalination projects, desalination projects, circulating cooling water treatment works, softened water treatment many applications engineering, Hainan Nan fan base test drinking water projects, already has a number of high-quality water treatment system to complete the design, commissioning, acceptance Product quality and after-sales service are widely praised by users.