Metal Research Institute of the reverse osmosis unit

Metal Research Institute of the reverse osmosis unit

Product description:

Metal Research Institute of the reverse osmosis unit
Reverse osmosis is a means of selective permeability (semipermeable) membrane Gongli able to pressure-driven membrane separation technology, when the system is applied in a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure into the aqueous solution, water molecules constantly through through the membrane, the flow path through the birth canal flows into the center, then out of the water at one end of the impurities such as ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc., they are trapped in the inlet side of the membrane, and then out of the concentrated water outlet end, so as to achieve the separation purification purpose.

Pretreatment System

Generally include raw water pumps, dosing devices, quartz sand filters, activated carbon filter, precision filter, etc. Its main function is to reduce the raw water pollution index and chlorine and other impurities to achieve the requirements of reverse osmosis water pretreatment system equipment configuration should be based on the specific circumstances of the raw water may be.

Reverse osmosis unit

Including multi-stage high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis membrane element, membrane shell (pressure vessels), brackets and other components. Its main role is to remove impurities in the water, effluent meet the requirements.

Post-processing system

It is in the reverse osmosis water can not meet the requirements of the situation to increase the configuration, mainly including one of them a female bed, sun beds, mixed bed, sterilization, ultrafiltration, EDI, etc., or other equipment. After the reverse osmosis treatment system can better improve water quality, so as to meet the requirements.

Cleaning Systems

There are cleaning the tank, clean water pumps, precision components. When the reverse osmosis system contaminated water indicators can not meet the requirements, the need to make it back to the reverse osmosis cleaning effect.

electrical control system

Reverse osmosis is used to control the entire system up and running, including the instrument panel, control panel, all kinds of electrical protection, electrical control cabinet, etc. This equipment is mainly imported brands are electrical equipment for a long time in order to ensure normal and stable operation.

Cleaning reverse osmosis equipment

[1] The reverse osmosis technology because of special superiority increasingly widely used. Cleaning problems of reverse osmosis water purification equipment may make a number of technical strength is not strong users suffer, so do the management of reverse osmosis equipment, it to avoid serious problems. 1. Low wash RO reverse osmosis equipment equipment regularly high flow, low pressure, low pH wash favor stripping attached to the membrane surface dirt, maintain membrane performance, or when the anti- SDI water penetration device suddenly rises above 5.5, should be low pressure rinse, SDI value was adjusted to be qualified before turning 2. Reverse osmosis equipment outage protection due to fluctuations in production, reverse osmosis equipment inevitably often stop transport, must take short-term or long-term disabled when protective measures, improper handling can cause performance degradation film irrecoverably short-term preservation applies to the following system outage 15d, can be flushed every 1 ~ 3d low pressure way to protect anti- permeation device. Practice found that when the water temperature above 20 ℃, reverse osmosis equipment, water storage 3d will smell bad, there are a lot of bacteria. Therefore, we recommend that the water temperature is higher than 20 ℃, every 2d, or 1d low pressure rinse water temperature below 20 ℃, low pressure can every 3d rinse, after each flush valve to be closed on all export and import reverse osmosis water purification equipment. long-term disabled protection applies to more than one system outage 15d, then you must use protection fluid (fungicide) charged reverse osmosis water purification equipment protection devices commonly used fungicide formulation (composite film) is formaldehyde 10 (mass fraction), isothiazolin-one 20mg / L, sodium bisulfite 1 (mass). 3. The reverse osmosis membrane chemical cleaning under normal operating conditions, the reverse osmosis membrane may also be inorganic dirt, colloids, microorganisms, metal oxides and other pollutants, these substances are deposited on the membrane surface can cause decreased output of water purification equipment, reverse osmosis unit or desalination rate has dropped, the pressure increases, and even cause irreversible damage to the membrane, and therefore, in order to restore the good permeability and desalination performance, the need for chemical cleaning of the membrane. Usually three to 12 months cleaned once, if each It had to be cleaned once a month, indicating that the pretreatment system should be improved, the adjustment of the operating parameters. If 1 ~ 3 months need to be cleaned once, the need to improve the level of operation of the equipment, the need to improve the pretreatment system more difficult to judge.

The main process

1. The raw water tank (optional) Reverse osmosis equipment flow process diagram (click to enlarge) storage of raw water, precipitation water for large sediment particles and other substances can be precipitated while cushioning the original water pipe pressure instability for water treatment impact system caused (eg water pressure is too low or too high a reaction caused by pressure sensor). 2. raw water pump system, water pressure constant, stable water supply. 3. The multi-media filter uses multiple filter layer filter The main purpose is to remove sediment, rust, colloidal substances, suspended solids and other particles in the raw water containing the above substances 20um, the choice of manual or automatic valve control backwash controller, is a series of washing operations. assurance equipment product water quality, prolong equipment life. 4. The activated carbon filter system using shell activated carbon filters, activated carbon adsorption of electrolyte ions not only, but also for ion exchange. by activated carbon adsorption can also make potassium permanganate oxygen amount (COD) from the 15mg / L (O2) dropped 2 ~ 7mg / L (O2), in addition, since the concentration of the surface adsorption adsorbed copied increases, and thus also play a catalytic role in the removal of the pigment in water, odor, a large number of chemical and biological organisms, reducing the value of residual chlorine in water and pesticide contamination and remove water trihalides (THM) and other pollutants. can be used manually or automatic valve control backwash controller, a series of operations being rinsed . ensure product water quality of the equipment, extend equipment life. At the same time, the device has self-maintenance system, the operating cost is very low. 5. Ion softening system / dosing system R / O device in order to dissolve the solid form was concentrated emissions and freshwater The use, in order to prevent the concentration of water-side means the last one in particular RO membrane concentrated water side appears CaCO3, MgCO3, MgSO4, CaSO4, BaSO4, SrSO4, SiSO4 concentration greater than the product of the equilibrium solubility and crystallization constant, damaged film originals should feature, before entering the reverse osmosis membrane, ion softening device should be used or put in the right amount of scale inhibitor to prevent carbonate, SiO2, sulfate crystals precipitated. 6. Precision filter Precision filter for use in water remaining suspended solids, colloidal and particulate matter merits and other substances removed, so the RO system and other follow-up equipment operation safer and more reliable. 5um meltblown filter cartridges for the purpose is to filter impurities unit superiors missed more than 5um removed. prevent their entry into surface reverse osmosis membrane damage, thereby damaging the membrane desalination. 7. The reverse osmosis system reverse osmosis is enough pressure in the solution of the solvent (typically water) through the reverse osmosis membrane (or semi-permeable membrane) and isolated, because the process and natural infiltration in the opposite direction, so called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis can adapt to all types of raw water salinity, especially in the high salt content of the water treatment works, can be obtained good technical and economic benefits. reverse osmosis desalination rate of increase, high recovery rate, stable operation, small footprint, easy operation, reverse osmosis desalination equipment, but also the most bacteria, colloids and high molecular weight organic removal 8. ozone sterilization / UV disinfection (optional) to kill bacteria produced by the secondary pollution completely ensure product water health indicators. 1, preparation of electronic industrial production such as funnels, tubes, liquid crystal displays, pure water, high pure water craft required for circuit boards, computer hard drives, integrated circuits, chip, silicon semiconductors; 2. Preparation of thermal, thermal power boilers, industrial enterprises, and low-pressure boiler feed water required for softened water, desalination pure water; 3, preparation of the pharmaceutical industry required medical large infusion, injection, pharmaceutical, biochemical products water, medical sterile water and artificial kidney dialysis with pure water; 4, preparation of beverages (including alcoholic) drink industry pure water, distilled water, mineral water, wine brewing and blending with pure water; 5, seawater, brackish water and drinking water preparation life; 6, preparation of the plating process with deionized water; a battery (battery) production technology pure water; cars, household appliances, building materials, surface coating, cleaning chaotic water; coated glass with pure water; Textile dyeing process required in addition to the hard demineralized water; 7, petrochemicals such as chemical reactor cooling water; chemicals, fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process with a process of pure water;? 8, hotels, buildings, high-quality water supply network systems and swimming pool water purification community airport Properties;

9, circuit boards, electroplating, electronics industrial wastewater treatment and reuse;

10, deal with life, hospital, leather, printing and dyeing, papermaking industrial waste and garbage leachate;

Technical note: reverse osmosis (abbreviated RO) is a membrane separation technology, which relies on reverse osmosis membrane so characteristic of the working solution of solvent and solute separation under pressure.

Penetration 'is a physical phenomenon, reverse osmosis is water containing salt and a variety of minor impurities (ie, raw water) to exert more pressure than natural infiltration, so that one of the high concentration of water from one end of the reverse osmosis concentration, The vast majority of bacterial contaminants in the raw water, organics, heavy metals, bacteria, and other harmful substances discharged so through sewage outlet.

Reverse osmosis equipment characteristics and applications:

`Desalination rate, but also can remove bacteria, toxins and other organic matter, water quality standards in line with GB GBI7323-1998;` reverse osmosis equipment main parts are imported US imports of high-pressure composite membrane element and stainless steel pumps, water adaptability, desalting rates and other aspects of life, compared with other reverse osmosis element, has a unique advantage; `Design pressure: 1.05 ~ 1.6Mpa, desalination rate: 96 to 99%;` high degree of automation, stable operation, low failure rate and the run `suitable for producing an electronic, chemical, power, pharmaceutical and other industries in the water;;` suitable for high purity water treatment `apply to wine blending water, process water, canned goods, bottles, bottled drinking water, drinks water; and low cost .