Methanol separation, separation enrichment plant extract reverse osmosis unit

Methanol separation, separation enrichment plant extract reverse osmosis unit

Product description:

Methanol separation, separation enrichment plant extract reverse osmosis unit
This product is designed for our engineering staff plant extracts company, a full stainless steel explosion-proof type reverse osmosis separation of methanol project design, all components are made of chemical resistance sealing material, to ensure a stable long methanol media run.

Device parameters

Design Production Capacity: Filter area RO system ≥300 meters, water production is ≤10T / H, recoveries design RO is at least 65%, RO feed water is) 15T / H

Water requirements: Effluent water film should meet customer requirements production area, filtration accuracy of user requirements

Conditions starting material liquid: water, 60% methanol or other solvents extracts

Design Principles:

1.6.1 The use of advanced, practical and reliable reverse osmosis membrane treatment technology, stable product water quality standards strict implementation of national environmental policies, in line with relevant laws, regulations, standards, codes, and local laws and regulations.;

1.6.2 Out of the water according to the requirements, the choice of mature and reliable, energy efficient, small footprint, economical and practical treatment process, to ensure that the treatment effect, reduce investment and running costs;

1.6.3 Simple and smooth process, the overall layout is simple, reasonable, beautiful plant in line with unified planning, water treatment facilities layout requires coordination with the surrounding environment, and do not cause secondary pollution of the surrounding environment;

1.6.4 Control of overall investment, reasonable project cost, ensure long-term safe and stable operation, reduce daily operating costs;

1.6.5 Rational arrangement of pipeline full use of the existing settings and the existing terrain conditions; Processing Facilities overall construction cycle is short, installation, easy maintenance, easy to manage; safety and appropriate measures to avoid risks.

Flow: 10 t per hour

Pressure: 16 kg

This product has explosion-proof, water pumps, sensors, flow meters are used in the type of protection. Device provided with a temperature sensing, pressure sensing, over-temperature conditions at the device temperature device automatically stops to prevent dangerous overheating enrichment process, equipment pressure sensor is mainly used for overpressure alarm, the device automatically when the device alarm and shutdown pressure overpressure, to prevent the destruction of the diaphragm and other components of equipment.