90 t / hr reverse osmosis unit

90 t / hr reverse osmosis unit

Product description:

90 t / hr reverse osmosis unit
Beijing Miao Feng Jie Water Technology Co., Ltd., a coal colliery colliery designed a water treatment reverse osmosis systems, treated water 90 t / h, has been in operation now for more than three years. Equipment running well, just a regular daily Cleaning and maintenance.

one, Equipment Overview

Reverse osmosis is 60 years developed a membrane separation technology. 80s had been used in China for various industries. It is used for water desalination desalination, production of high purity water and drinking water, such as the electronics industry, dyeing industry , food processing and chemical industries and so on.

two, RO features

Reverse osmosis equipment has a compact structure, small footprint, high water production and unit volume

Energy consumption is low. It mainly depends on the pressure greater than the osmotic pressure, driven out of desalinated water by osmosis membrane.

three, Equipment Workflow

UF - pressure pump - security filter - high-pressure pump - reverse osmosis membrane - Flowmeter - water tank

four, System of detailed work process

1. Water first passes through the low-pressure pump into the security filter; security filter cartridge inside

To 5μ. After security filter water, and then by the high-pressure pump into the main part of the device (RO membrane) water through the membrane module outputs pure water, after the meter, conductivity meter online monitoring flow storage The can of concentrated aqueous portion was recovered through V4 to be addressed before a part of the system before recovery through V3 when the system just machines, the flush valve is opened (automatic) rinse plenty of water erosion RO membrane surface after discharge;.. wash After completion (time is adjustable), the system will automatically enter the working state. Since we in the storage tank is equipped with level control on, so when the water full automatic shutdown, the water came on automatically.

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