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filter cleaning equipment

filter cleaning equipment
  • filter cleaning equipment
Product code: 21149500001
Unit price: 5000-30000 USD
Price unit: Per piece
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Quick Details

  • Machine Type: Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: guangyi
  • Model Number: WZKL
  • Feature: Non-Toxic
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Use: Descaling / Stripping
  • Cleaning Process: Other
  • Cleaning Type: High Pressure Cleaner
  • Industry Used: industrial
  • Material: Metal / Coil

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: in wooden cases
Delivery Detail: 30days


vacuum calcination furnace applied to polymer materials filter, cleaning the filter.

WZKL series vacuum calcination furnace applied to polymer materials filter, cleaning the filter, so cleaning the filter after calcination, can be reused, saving production costs, environmental protection equipment.

The vacuum calcination furnace is the use of polymers under certain temperature melt, higher than 300 °C or so cut off from the air can be cracking, coking, higher than 400 °C in a small amount of oxygen and a certain degree of vacuum conditions can be completely oxidized characteristics. Using this feature, first stained with raw materials and dirt of components (filters) were cleaned by heating to the melting temperature component, so that the filter surface with high polymer melt into the lower part of the waste collection tank, the material and dirt on filter to melt after flowing to the bottom of the containers, filter surface micropores only small amounts of polymer and ash, At this time the temperature can rose to melt pyrolysis carbonization temperature (the temperature can according to process requirements) , and open the vacuum pump at the same time, and a small amount of air through that make the remaining polymers to fully oxidized to produce carbon dioxide and water, through the vacuum pump suction will be floating in the furnace ash and water vapor shower by the water spray scrubber spray washing outside rear oven. The entire work process is not contaminated gas, smoke and ash out of the oven, the outside only a small amount of carbon dioxide, exhaust gas combustion without further treatment, the water removed only a small amount of ash.

WZKL series vacuum furnace use stainless steel electric heating tube for vacuum chamber direct heating, high temperature seal ring are used without water cooling protection, so the equipment with high thermal efficiency, heating power is small, fast heating, good temperature uniformity, heater maintenance check convenient, energy saving, water saving.