TEG cleaning furnace

TEG cleaning furnace

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Triethylene glycol (TEG) is a colorless and transparent neutral oily liquid when heated to about 280 ℃, the polymer polyester (PET) have an alcohol solution and dissolution, take advantage of this feature, we will adhere to high polyester dirt workpiece placed in a solution containing TEG cleaning tank boiling alcohol solution, to achieve the goal of cleaning. The device uses a combination of stainless steel electric heating tube heater, installed by direct heating in the bottom of the tank TEG cleaning solution, warmed fast, high thermal efficiency, boiling cleaning effect, simple structure, easy to operate. device structure has single-cylinder bit, bit Siamese twin bit and multi-cylinder form, bore a large, high operating height configuration operations steel platform, and the lid Kai, closed with a pneumatic lid, the counterweight means two openings for selection, automatic temperature control device using Fujitsu Series temperature controller program temperature control, solid state relay trigger control, configuration control unit according to explosion protection requirements, stable and reliable performance The company also supporting the production offers TEG cleaning successor after cleaning equipment: washing tank, cleaning tank, ultrasonic cleaning tank, high pressure washing tank and so on.

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Product Specifications

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Jiang Su Ruiyuan heating equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a production and marketing of high-quality electric heating equipment of private enterprises. Has set the perfect production equipment and a strong technical force of R & D and production team, mainly produces energy saving of oil heating equipment the water temperature machine, stove, vacuum calciner, etc., and for the large number of domestic research institutes and export enterprises supporting the production of electric heating equipment. annual production capacity of over 3500 sets.
Ruiyuan company has consistently uphold (people-oriented, progressive and innovative) corporate culture and business philosophy, adhere to (the production has its own characteristics of electrical heating equipment) as a goal in the mastery of the art on the basis yet , active and innovative, constantly seeking technological breakthroughs, we are committed to the use of new technology, to develop into a new product concept and to create a broader space for product design. At the same time, Rueiyuan implement (stop) of service, from sales , product development, production, quality control and after-sales service, each link has experienced personnel strictly order to provide customers with comprehensive, high quality and efficient professional services. virtue, Rueiyuan product design, quality, comprehensive advantages to achieve excellent cost-effective price, has won widespread domestic and foreign customers welcome and favor the market, so that enterprises have made steady and healthy development in the fierce market competition.

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