Air Heater

Air Heater

Product description:

Air heater is a new environmentally friendly thermal energy conversion device.

Its working principle is: the electricity for energy, with air as the medium through the fan forced hot air circulation in the system, so that the cycle of heating to achieve thermal equipment to meet the demand for access to the thermal energy required for the purpose, and to meet production process set process temperature and high-precision temperature control requirements.

Air heaters are mainly used to the desired air flow from the initial temperature to the desired temperature of the air up to 850 ℃. It has been widely applied to aerospace, meltblown nonwoven, film, chemical industry and Many universities and other research and production laboratories. air heater to resist high temperature air oxidation, so the material must be made of stainless steel. heating element stainless steel air heater electric heating tube heater lumen plurality of baffles, extended residence time of the air in the heater cavity, in order to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the heat pipe to appropriately increase the number and improve the air heater installed power, the production line can be shortened warm-up time to drive a wide range of electric air heater used:.. can be any gas heating, hot air drying produced no water, non-conductive, no burning, no explosion, no chemical corrosion, pollution-free, safe and reliable, has been heating up fast (controlled) heating space.

Technical Features:
1, the air can be heated to very high temperatures, up to 850 ℃, the housing temperature is only about 50 ℃.
2, high efficiency: up to 90%.
3, heating and cooling rate of the block, up to 10 ℃ / S, adjust fast and stable control of air temperature does not appear that lead and lag leaving the temperature control drifting, it is suitable for automatic control.
4, good mechanical properties: it's because the heating element is made of special alloy, so the impact of high pressure in the air flow, it is better than any mechanical performance and strength of the heating element, which takes a long time for continuous air warming Test systems and accessories has more advantages.
5, when it is not in violation of the use of procedures, durable, long service life for decades.
6, the air clean, small size.
7, according to user needs, design many types of air heater. Specifications Model single power from 2KW ~ 10000KW series
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