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Single-ended heating pipe | hot computer wire around the single-ended tubular heaters

Single-ended heating pipe | hot computer wire around the single-ended tubular heaters
  • Single-ended heating pipe | hot computer wire around the single-ended tubular heaters
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Container explosion-proof electric heating rods (hereinafter referred to as electric heating rods | electric heating rods) is designed for tank containers like electricity with thermal insulation design and manufacture products for a long time with thermal insulation medium in the tank is mainly used steam or heat. water as a heat medium tank heater plate. plate heater tank presence accident rate, repair and maintenance difficulties, energy consumption and other problems, such as single well oil tanks restricted heat source, with heat insulation problem has plagued the majority Users, electric stick precisely to address these issues and developed over the years by the use of the country oilfield plant, oil pumping stations, oil refineries, oil depots, offshore oil platforms, laboratories and other places, to verify the performance of the product advanced technology and good economic benefits.

1, an electric rod is developed by our company's mineral insulated heating cable / MI heating cable (or high-performance alloys heating tube) as a heating element.
2, electric rods solid structure, high flexural strength, compact, sealed, explosion, in line with the various types of storage tanks for petroleum and its products, heating and insulation requirements. Explosion levels EXd II B T1-T6.
3, an electric rod heating uniformity, surface heat load is low, reliable, long service life. No reactive power losses, high thermal efficiency, easy operation maintenance, routine maintenance.
4, electric rods source of oil and its products better corrosion resistance media.
5, electric rod shape geometry can follow the user requirements.

Note: when using this product with the control systems and measuring instruments.

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