Jade | Pendant of Natural Obsidian Pendant | Men's Necklace Necklace Necklace

Jade | Pendant of Natural Obsidian Pendant | Men's Necklace Necklace Necklace

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Chain Material: natural crystal / semi-precious stones
  • Crystal and semi-precious stones Category: Obsidian
  • Chain style: round bead chain
  • Pendant Material: Crystal
  • Brand: JR / Jing Ru
  • Extension chain: 10cm or less
  • Color Category: Ice obsidian double brave exquisite lanyard section ice species obsidian double brave bead chain paragraph double-sided carved wishful brave lanyard paragraph double-sided carving wishful bracelet bead chain paragraph large carved double brave with fine lanyards paragraph large No. Carved double brave bead necklace section of the rich waist bracelet exquisite lanyard paragraph waist wrapped million bracelet beads paragraph paragraph large safe buckle brave fine lace paragraph large safe buckle brave fine beaded chain style two
  • Pattern: constellation / zodiac
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Inlay Material: not mosaic
  • Whether to bring the fall: Yes
  • Yes No Multiplayer: No
  • Applicable Gender: Male
  • Whether the spot: Spot
  • Perimeter: 21cm (with) -50cm (including)
  • Condition: New
  • Item: xl18
  • The price range: 101-200 yuan

Style five

Our commitment:

Baby guarantee natural authentic, support identification, leave a compensable 3. Can be issued by the authority of the certificate, due to meager profit margins, the need to pay the cost of identification of 20 yuan. OUR all baby by Bixia Monastery blessing opening, the opening of the baby more spiritual it, the baby is described in the opening video, oh.

Our advantage:

High cost performance, exquisite craftsmanship, hand-carved, each one of the products are engaged in decades of carving master sculpture hand carved and combined with modern high-tech polishing technology produced now buy natural crystal degaussing generation and a blackstone bracelet , First-served basis.


Natural obsidian rainbow eye stealth, because the obsidian theme color is black, so only when the light is bright, you can see the rainbow eye (Ps: the easiest way is to put under the flashlight, you can see clearly Of the rainbow eyes Oh), which is low-key subtle obsidian charm, The color of each product is not exactly the same , If you want to in any case to see the rainbow eye, then please be careful!