Conducting oil furnace

Conducting oil furnace

Product description:

Conducting oil furnace is a new type of environmentally friendly thermal energy conversion device which works: electricity for energy, by heating elements convert electrical energy into heat energy; with organic heat carrier (HTF) as a heat transfer medium through the heat pump HTF carried out in the system of mandatory cycle, it is the cycle of heating to achieve thermal equipment to meet the demand for access to the thermal energy required for the purpose; and meet the production process set process temperature and high-precision temperature control requirements. conducting oil furnace usually by the host (heater, heat pump and filter), high tank, control cabinet, piping and other equipment as a set together with heating equipment assembled to form mandatory liquid circulation heating system widely used heat setting, plate heating, rubber, drying, dyeing and printing, chemicals, plywood production, waterproofing membrane production, asphalt heating, non-woven hot-rolled machine, glass steel pressing machine, mold, drying room, oven and other industries need heat .
The reactor was heated - oil heating due to the good heat transfer oil thermal stability, good heat transfer performance, low vapor pressure, and non-toxic and tasteless no smoke, no corrosion of equipment, the operator no health impact our many advantages of electric heating. conducting oil furnace has gradually been more extensive production characteristics of the system selected:

1. High-quality oil heating system can heat the liquid phase under normal pressure, for the heat user output hot oil of maximum 350 ℃; our oil heating systems are used in Japan Fuji temperature controller, using self-tuning PID intelligent temperature control technology, control accuracy up to ± 1 ℃ temperature and accurately control within the temperature range; heating the main power module using solid-state non-contact switch circuit, to adapt to frequent switching, and power supply network without interference and has anti-dry can. according to user requirements and design hot oil cooling system added to meet the need for rapid cooling after heating up the production process requirements;

2. saving energy, low operating costs for the liquid oil heating system closed cycle, the oil back to the oil temperature and the temperature difference between 20-30 ℃, that is to say only the heating temperature difference can reach 20-30 ℃ temperature. Meanwhile, the devices do not need no water treatment equipment and steam boilers run, run, drip, leak heat loss, high thermal efficiency, compared with the steam boiler, saving about 50%;

3. Because less oil heating equipment investment system is simple, no water treatment equipment and more auxiliary equipment, boilers withstand low pressure, so the whole system less investment;

4. Safety Because the system only withstand pumping, oil heating system no danger of explosion, so its safer;

5. Environmental effects of environmental organic heat carrier heating system is mainly reflected in the minimal fume emission, no sewage pollution and thermal pollution.

Service: Free help guide the installation; self-device debugging, the date of acceptance of the equipment warranty for one year; long-term provision of technical advisory services related to the device.

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