Ceramic electric heating coil

Ceramic electric heating coil

Product description:

Ceramic electric heating coil applied to the cartridge heater plastic injection molding machine, chemical industry, extruders, and various heating pipes, ceramic heating ring appearance, performance, stability, corrosion, fast heating, heat evenly, good insulation properties , high pressure, ceramic electric heating coil operating temperature, heating up fast, high thermal efficiency, pollution-free, uniform heating accurate and convenient ceramic electric lap long service life, installation, maintenance, use and low cost

Ceramic heating ring features:
1, ceramic heating coil heat with quick, even heating, stable.
2, ceramic electric heating coil has a temperature not compromised, can save energy, do not touch hot housing, work safety.
3, high-power ceramic electric rings, ceramic, wear silk way to power 0.5 to 1.5 times higher than the average to be.
4, ceramic heating ring European and American high-temperature heating wire, with rapid cooling, heating uniformity, high temperature stability characteristics, can be prolonged use at 600-800 ℃.
5, long product life ceramic heating coil, as raw materials aging more slowly so long product life at high temperatures.
6, ceramic electric rings plus the technical requirements in line with national GB. Power deviation + 5% ∽-10%.
7, ceramic electric heating coil Electrical strength: The voltage 1500v / 50Hz sinusoidal AC voltage test, no breakdown by 1MIN.

Service: Free help guide the installation; self-device debugging, the date of acceptance of the equipment warranty for one year; long-term provision of technical advisory services related to the device.

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