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drying oven manufacturer

drying oven manufacturer
  • drying oven manufacturer
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  • Type: Drying Oven
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: GuangYi
  • Model Number: GYW

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Packaging Details: in wooden case
Delivery Detail: within 40 days


Heat-conducting oil oven use heat-conducting oil as heat transfer medium. For industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories.

The main characteristics are as follows:

1, Be able to run at a lower pressure to obtain a higher operating temperature. Conduction oil transfers the heat by liquid and flow in the pipeline with the speed of 2.3 ~ 2.7m / s. When (300 °C, the saturated vapor pressure is 1 / (70 ~ 80) of the water and the security is good. Since the oil temperature can be up to 320 °C, it can be easy for drying the finish coating of 130 ~ 140 °C and provide the heat for drying the electrophoretic primer coating of 170 °C. However, the over-temperature high-pressure steam can only dry and provide heat for the finish coating and the piping, valves, radiators etc. have to bear high pressure as well.

2 , Stable heating and more precise temperature regulation. Because the oil volume of the oil heating system can be up to maximum 3t and the oil heat phase is relatively large. The oil temperature is not easy to have drastic changes and the temperature can be easily controlled. Oil temperature can be controlled within ± 1 °C;

3, The heating up of the drying room is fast and the temperature more stable. Generally, the drying room will arrive at the process temperatures in 20min. As to the gap mode made drying room, the 240 °C oil temperature will only fluctuate ± 5 °C for each switch time. Therefore, the stability of the drying room temperature is secured.

4, It has complete operational control and safety monitoring device.

5, Compared with the water boiler, it has no water consumption and no specialized water treatment equipment is required and there is no space needed for the piping heating to prevent freezing in winter. No one is needed on duty and the running cost was reduced as well.

6, High thermal efficiency and good economy. Thermal utilization efficiency was 40%~50% higher than the steam.

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