PS Wood Plastic Foam Profile Extrusion Line

PS Wood Plastic Foam Profile Extrusion Line

Product description:

Production line characteristics
PS wood plastic profile does not only have price advantage in comparison with real wood and teakwood, but also have good properties of moisture-resistance, moth proofing, flame resistant, non-deformation and other advantages that the real wood material does not have. Accompanied with the increasing importance and generalization of environmental protection consciousness in global range, this material has become the new environmentally friendly product to replace wood; after various years investigation and research, our company has abundant professional experiences in PS extrusion manufacture; we provide comprehensive technological support to our customers, from raw material formulation, manufacture technique to shaped moulds.
PS wood plastic profile production line is constituted by extrusion machine, dies, cooling sizing table, hauling-off, cutting table and stacker. The auxiliary part is composed by specific structural mould design, cooling tank and others, which can produce various colored PS products with multiple shape options.
Stable hauling-off and cutting machine promises the accuracy of the product's size
PS low-temperature foam board, profile and rod are manufactured by modern modified plastics. It does not contain wooden particle or fiber filler, neither of formaldehyde, chloride or other substances. It is a typical plastic substitute product of wood. It is superior to wood in that it is not decay or mildew, tall and straight, with colorful brightness with a luxury feel.
After processing, the product can be UV resistant, anti-aging, non-fading and long lasting service life; it is widely used in outdoor furniture, park leisure chairs, stools, beach chairs, stair railing, picture frames, home decoration fields and so on. In addition, our company also manufacture and sell wood plastic composite (foam) profile extrusion line. Welcome your call anytime for business consultation.

Main technical parameter
Extrusion model
100KG/ h
150KG/ h
200KG/ h

Linear velocity

2-6m/ min
2-6m/ min
2-6m/ min
Actual use power