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Alec Powercube cube socket | usb socket | smart socket wireless vertical strip line board

Product code: -2110200030
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Product parameters:

  • Plug function: anti-leakage plug
  • Length: 1.5 meters 3m
  • Application scenarios: home office travel
  • Color classification: 'green line' 'red 1.5 m' 'usb models blue line-in' 'red 3 m' 'usb models gray 1.5 m' 'usb gray 3 m' 'purple travel + converter' 'purple With usb travel + converter head 'remote control section of the orange 1.5 m no usb' 'fixed base' single shot not 'film 4 piece' single shot not 'for security considerations'' Please look for genuine authorization Shop to buy '

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