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fluorescent lamp

fluorescent lamp
  • fluorescent lamp
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product manual:
1 ,product name
fluorescent lamp
2 ,product number
HD-RG •• (• • luminaire types, such as 'HD-RG01' expressed as 01 kinds of LED lamp)
3 For places
Mainly used in shopping malls, factories, schools, hospitals, subways, hotels, restaurants and other indoor lighting and furniture. Very suitable for extensive use of lighting needs, such as garment factories, shoe factories, electronics factory and other production line and other indoor illumination.
4 ,Technical Parameters
product name
LED1.2m T8 fluorescent tubes
rated power
10W-30W range
Input voltage
AC110V-AC240V range
Frequency Range
50 / 60Hz
Luminous efficiency
80 / 90lm / W
Beam angle
80 and over
Color Temperature
Warm white 2700-3500K, cool white 4000-6500K
More than 3-5 million hours
Aluminum frame base + PC transparent cover
5 ,product manual
(1) Energy-saving: LED lamps electro-optical conversion efficiency, LED fluorescent tube energy saving 70-80% than traditional fluorescent lamps.
(2) Environmental: LED light without ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and can avoid fluorescent tubes rupture benefit of mercury pollution, waste tube is recyclable.
(3) Long life: life up to 50,000 hours, is the traditional fluorescent tube 10 times.
(4) there is no ghost, no dizziness: My company's LED fluorescent tube PC case through a special arrangement of the LED light source and special treatment from the fundamental solution to the two problems.
(5) low maintenance cost: thanks to LED light-emitting diodes as the light source, so do not need regular replacement to maintain, saving maintenance costs.
6 Lighting effects