Supply water Cap | Group water Cap

Supply water Cap | Group water Cap

Product description:

Brand: Yu-new models:
  • Content (%): 98
  • Material: PP
Detailed description:

Backwashing filter includes the drainage CAP, two water CAP, long, medium, short, long, towers, mushroom and plum blossom, and silk and silk are two types. Are made of ABS plastic or stainless steel. Design a rational structure, securely confined high strength, gap is not deformed, effect, namely to prevent the outflow of resin of yin and Yang, and guarantee the flow. This product is widely used in steam-water Backwashing the pool filter system and softening water combined type, program, pressure-type ion exchanger, mechanical filters, activated carbon adsorption, water treatment equipment and a new water plant and the transformation of the old water plant filter can effectively filter and air-water Backwashing, also can be used to quickly filter the drainage system.

Common sizes: 0.25, 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton per hour (displacement)

Drainage cap bottom water CAP is filter distribution system steam recoil washing device, it can effectively wash out filter for sludge in debris, and ensure normal operation of filter for water quality and quantity; Types of filter head (long, short)-mushrooms, plum blossom, towers and cylindrical, are made of ABS engineering plastic, reasonable structure, firmly attached, high bearing strength, slot type, can make no backwater district between the filter plate, no accumulation of mud, the effect is good. (Per hour discharge) 0.25, 0.5 ton, 1 ton. Long handle filter head is commonly used for Backwashing filter for soda water distribution system; Short filter applied to a single water Backwashing and gravity, pressure filtration tanks and other water treatment equipment, Ion-Exchange filter bed filtration unit.

Main specifications and technical parameter

The material number of the filter seam specifications mm filter seam area
Water Cap ABS 40 25*0.25 ± 0.02 2.5
Filter ABS 1 dia 20 3.4
ABS overlay nut 1 0.2*24 0.48
Rubber seal ring 1 dia 30 1
Built-in solenoid ABS 1 dia 30 1

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