Supply water purification products such as manganese sand filter | Water purification of manganese sand filter material

Supply water purification products such as manganese sand filter | Water purification of manganese sand filter material

Product description:

Brand: Yu-new model: YX
  • Filter type: Manganese sand
  • Application object: Water
  • Uses: Water filtration
  • Type: High efficiency
  • Density: 2.6 g/ cm3
  • Performance: Acid-resistant
  • Absorption rate: 80 x
  • Pressure resistance: 80 kgf
  • Porosity: 50 %
  • Wear rates: 1
  • Stiffness: 8
  • Chemical composition: Manganese sand
  • Rate of soluble in hydrochloric acid: 0.5 %
Detailed description:

Our company specializes in producing all kinds of water treatment materials, production in addition to conventional products, the company also production filter material made of marble, silicon carbide filter, zeolite, Garnet filter materials, dolomite filter, Cui Shi filter media, filter beads, k-feldspar, rare earth porcelain sand, and operates a variety of fillers.
Manganese sand filter is the use of domestic quality, grain density, high mechanical strength, chemical activity is strong, not easily broken, not water soluble natural manganese ore. Washed Polish removal, drying, magnetic separation, screening, dedusting technology into sand. According to certain processed manganese sand gradation blending together. It has water treatment filter material the ideal proportion of grade, so that it has the largest surface area per unit volume, the strongest pollution-cutting ability, maximum oxidation catalyst and a minimum wastage of Backwashing. Manganese sand filter coarse brownish or grayish appearance color, commonly used in drinking water in addition to iron, manganese removal filters, filter effect is very good. (Note: MnO2 ¡ý 35% can removal of iron and manganese removal, MnO2 ≤ 30%) Can only be used for iron removal from groundwater) manganese sand filter is mainly used to reduce the water of iron in ferro-manganese and manganese content, according to China's drinking water standard and its iron content is ≤ 0.3 ㎎/l, MN ≤ 0.1 ㎎/l, long drinking water containing iron with high manganese content can seriously affect your health.

Manganese sand physics and chemistry performance analysis:

Analysis of project analysis, data analysis, project analysis data
MnO2 proportion% 20-45 g/cm3 3.2-3.6
SiO2 content% 17-20 density g/cm3 2.0
Iron content of 20 per cent hydrochloric acid soluble rate% (3.5
Clay content% (2.5% wear rate ≤ 1.0
Density g/cm3 2.66 MnO2% 30-40
Bulk density g/cm3 broken rate of 1.85% ≤ 1.0

The company is specialized in producing series of water purification materials enterprise, the company is strong in technology, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, detection means complete, has a long history, product quality and forefront of the domestic industry. Welcome new and old customers to discuss the consultation.