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Supply Yuxin variety of modified comet filter

Supply Yuxin variety of modified comet filter
  • Supply Yuxin variety of modified comet filter
Product code: 21079400001
Unit price: 150 CNY  (21.79 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Media type: Fiber ball
  • Suitable: water
  • use: Water Filtration
  • Types of: Efficient
  • density: 1.38 g / cm3
Detailed description:

Henan New Water Industry New Products: Our latest development of the new oil filter new media - modified comet filter, which, compared to traditional oil filter, better performance, the effect is more obvious, especially in the. filter material using a new product, process using a new technology, is ideally suited for wastewater treatment and fine filter material.
Oily wastewater complex composition, surface floating oil film, can be isolated from the gas exchange between water and air, while preventing oxygen in the air is dissolved in water, resulting in water plankton due to a decrease in dissolved oxygen hypoxia, affecting self-purification of water bodies make water smell, causing great harm to the environment.

Oily wastewater recycling if not, it will cause all kinds of pollution and waste; discharged into rivers, lakes or bays, will pollute the water, deterioration of water quality, endangering aquatic resources and affect the survival of aquatic organisms; used for agricultural irrigation, will plug the soil voids , affecting crop growth; contamination of drinking water, hazardous to human health; the odor pollution of the atmosphere; the impact of natural landscape; the impact of clean natural water.

Water Modified 'oilfield wastewater treatment technology

1, the basic principles of high pH wastewater treatment technology for the Zhongyuan Oilfield oilfield wastewater with high salinity, free CO2 HCO3- content, high polyvalent metal ion content, high bacterial content, pH value and low characteristics to improve by adding lime pH value of sewage water broke CO2-HCO3-CO32- weak acid weak base buffer system consisting of corrosion and scaling in water has a strong tendency to adjust H and CO32- greatly reduces the corrosion and fouling characteristics of the new generation of active sewage CaCO3 flocculant is added together with the effect of the water can be removed by adsorption of suspended solids, oil and iron ions suspended in order to achieve control corrosion, scale inhibition, to decontamination oil, water quality compliance purposes.

Running instance modified comet fiber filter pressure filter for water filtration showed that it has a good effect on the removal of organic matter in accordance with the test results, recommended comet fiber filter pressure filter range is: average influent raw water suspension turbidity 15 ~ 60N`TU, filtration rate 20 ~ 60 m / h, filtration cycle is more than 8 h.