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Supply Yuxin PAC iron removal Dyeing Wastewater

Supply Yuxin PAC iron removal Dyeing Wastewater
  • Supply Yuxin PAC iron removal Dyeing Wastewater
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Brand: Henan new models: Various
  • Mesh: -
  • model: Efficient
  • Active substance content: 30
  • PH value of the use: 5-9
  • Exterior: Powdery
  • Content (%): 30
  • Packing: Packet
  • Implementation of quality standards: -
  • CAS: -
Detailed description:
PAC (PAC) is a high performance inorganic polymer flocculant, the national standard of the formula Aln (OH) mCl3n-m. PAC coagulation mechanism compared with other inorganic polymer coagulants having molecular PAC structure is not a single form, but includes monomer and poly big, strong adsorption capacity, good coagulation performance, large flocs, floc settling velocity fit, by a certain percentage of polymorphic substance exists, namely Al3 to Al of fast, low dosage, low cost.

At present, the PAC has been applied to a variety of wastewater treatment technologies, including wastewater, pulp and paper waste, brewery, the effect is significant. PAC directly for treating sewage, PAC as the removal of waste water in the P Research shows that, PAC pretreatment process for water P with sewage, PAC and other water treatment chemicals complex, have a good removal of simulated wastewater P removal rate of sewage treatment, sewage treatment and other modified PAC for for actual sewage total P removal rate 96.6 2.1 PAC directly turbidity removal of sewage treatment rate reached 93.8.

PAC deal directly with sewage, get the best removal efficiency when pulping wastewater. Dyeing wastewater and high turbidity and high chroma wastewater, chemical coagulation Shen 2.2 PAC after combination treatment with other processes to reduce waste water sewage lake turbidity and color. for some wastewater treatment, PAC chemical coagulation as a PAC in treating domestic sewage have a high value, item pretreatment process, in combination with other processes for wastewater treatment.

Enhanced use of PAC sewage plants COD, color removal rate was 62.5, COD removal efficiency of removal, studies show that with 100 ppm of PAC for processing. Although their volume is greater than the cost of processing and sludge biological treatment, wastewater COD removal efficiency to 61.1, PAC for effluent wastewater COD is superior to biological treatment. PAC in the wastewater treatment process was significantly enhanced role. at the same time, PAC is an excellent combination of strong oxidant effect on wastewater treatment.

Coagulation of dissolved organic matter (DOC) efficiency. Chroma 1600, 1 206 NTU turbidity wastewater in pH7, administered 2.3 PAC compounded with other agents sewage treatment dosage is 900 mg / L, sedimentation time to 40 min and stirred under normal circumstances, the processing of certain waste water, the simple use of the treatment effect between PAC was 3.5 min under the conditions of the coagulation waste water less able to get good results, but with other agents sewage treatment complex good decolorization rate, turbidity can be up to 90 or so. You can get very good treatment effect.

Use PAC and PAM enhanced treatment effect of PAC, to 1 000 mg / L of reactive red dye wastewater showed good turbidity, COD, TSS, SVI and settling time were used as evaluation parameters flocculation, color removal rate can reach 94 above. the results show that the C-PAM polyaluminum compound can be obtained very good for high concentration wastewater treatment, and other effects Ghafari with PAC treatment, turbidity, TSS and COD removal rates were 99.7, landfill leachate by comparison with the PAC and other traditional aluminum 99.5 and 95.6.

After the PAC coagulant treated leachate COD, turbidity, color and total suspended and polyacrylamide composite flocculant papermaking wastewater treatment, results showed that the addition of coagulant, stirring speed, stirring time, settling time best PAC dosage of 2 g / L, pH value of 7.5, the effect of aluminum on the CODCr removal rate. the results showed that the waste is adjusted 9.5 g / L, pH value of 7, when treated with PAC , COD, turbidity, pH value between 3 and 4, most of the waste liquid can be settling suspended solids.