Flying Branch hair dryer high-power hair dryer hair salon barber shops for hot and cold hair dryer drum mute students

Flying Branch hair dryer high-power hair dryer hair salon barber shops for hot and cold hair dryer drum mute students

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Flyco / Flying Branch FH6620
  • Origin: Chinese mainland
  • Portable performance: the handle can not be folded
  • Hair dryer Brand: Flyco / Flying Branch
  • Model: FH6620
  • Hair dryer Maximum Power: 2000W more
  • Hair dryer stalls: 3 files
  • Hair dryer wind mouth style: Set the wind scattered wind mouth
  • Color Category: dark purple
  • Function: anion subtle water ions thermostat cold wind
  • Service: Genius

Flying Branch hair dryer purple pearl big promotion, 2200WHigh Power, Hydra anion to rough anti-static thermostat hair function, matte texture, more comfortable grip, anti-overheating protection device cold wind mute design, the second set of mouth shapes for a variety of needs, Genius. He said good is really good! Flying Branch official flagship store, seven days no reason to return 15 days replacement worries, allowing you to buy peace of mind with the assured, affordable quality assured!

You need to be vigilant to buy a hairdryer

Currently the market a large number of cottage-name hair dryers, claiming high-quality, professional motor, and promised Genius! As everyone knows, these cottage-name hair dryers small workshop production even websites and branding are not, we can degrees Niang glance, these brand-name hair dryer, seq Charge Well, even the true performance parameters are afraid that out, pretend power greater than 3000W, with this false word games to deceive consumers!

Make sure before you buy a hairdryer whether through CCC certification!

Motor is the core component of a hair dryer, a hair dryer is qualified if it is safe, the vast extent depends on the motor is good or bad quality, strong radiation power of the motor used in the Flying Branch FH6620 hair dryer, safety certification through the National CCC, safe and secure! And many brand-name market, known as the use of large AC motors, in fact, not been such safety certification, please buy carefully. Flying Branch FH6620 purple pearl hair dryer with 2200W power of a strong safety, 3C certification power cord, Genius, such a product, buy with confidence, use of comfort!