Supply PP honeycomb inclined-tube filler

Supply PP honeycomb inclined-tube filler

Product description:

Brand: Yu-new models:
  • Content (%): 98
  • Material: PP
Detailed description:

Cellular pipe filler tube and pipe two, made of PP, PVc in two ways.

Inclined tube is mainly used for sedimentation and sand. Is used in water supply and drainage engineering over the past decade most widely and become a water treatment plant. Its wide range of application, high treatment efficiency, covering an area of small advantages. Apply inlet sand removal, industrial and domestic water supply and drainage in General precipitation, sewage sludge, oil separation and enrichment and other processing, is suitable for new construction, and applicable to the transformation of the old pool available, are able to achieve good economic efficiency.

Straight tubes for Tower-type bio-filter, high load and submerged biofilter bio-filter (also known as contact oxidation tank), as well as microbial carrier of RBC. Mainly for industrial organic wastewater biological treatment of urban wastewater, treatment efficiency is higher than the activated sludge pools, covering an area of small; Strength below the activated sludge aeration tank, and do not require the return sludge; Small amount of sludge and strong adaptability, which greatly reduces the processing load of sludge after dewatering.

Inclined tube features:

1, wet week, the hydraulic RADIUS.
2, good laminar flow, particle not subject to turbulent flow.
3, when the tube when the tube length of 1 m, payload design according to 3-5 t/m 2' h. VO controlled within the range of 2.5-3.0 mm/s, best water quality.
4, using FRP honeycomb at the water intake tube, tube length in 2-3.0 meters, can be 50-100 kg/m 3 of silt content in high-turbidity safe operation.
5 using inclined-tube sedimentation tank in 3-5 times its processing capacity of horizontal-flow sedimentation tanks, accelerated clarification basin and pulse clarifier twice times the water drainage works in one of the most extensive and sophisticated water treatment plant.
6. the cellular tube in the production process using one-off molding, surface smooth, angular, with 60 ° cutting machine cutting edge, increasing the precision of tube, reduces the quantity of subsequent installation, use process easier and faster, much more efficient

Straight tube features:

1, efficiency is higher than the activated sludge process, General hydraulic capacity is 100-200 m 3/m 2', organic load of 2000-5000 g/m 3, therefore reducing the footprint.
2, aeration intensity lower than activated sludge, and don't need to return sludge, it can reduce power consumption, and simplify management.

3, small amount of sludge and reduce the workload of the sludge dehydration process.
4, good sludge settling and removal of suspended matter in the posterior segment.
5, adaptable, able to adapt to different ranges of water quality, water quality, water, shock load tolerant mutation of stable treatment effects.

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