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Supply of water filter, manganese sand filter Yuxin

Supply of water filter, manganese sand filter Yuxin
  • Supply of water filter, manganese sand filter Yuxin
Product code: 21064200001
Unit price: 1500 CNY  (218.08 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brand: Henan new models: the various
  • Media type: Manganese sand
  • Suitable: water
  • use: Water Filtration
  • Types of: Efficient
  • density: 3.6 g / cm3
  • performance: other
  • Adsorption rate: 98 x
  • Anti-stress: - Kgf
  • Porosity: 98 %
  • The wear rate: 0.2
  • hardness: 6
  • chemical composition: -
  • Hydrochloric acid soluble rate: 0.2 %
Detailed description:
Yuxin manganese sand filter is the use of excellent quality of domestic grain dense, high mechanical strength, chemical activity, not broken, do not dissolve in water, natural manganese sand. After washing polishing cleaning, drying, magnetic separation, screening, dedusting and other technology into the sand. then processed by a certain manganese sand graded blending. It has the best water filter gradation ratio, making it in the unit volume has the largest surface area, the strongest interception capability, the largest and smallest catalytic oxidation backwash churn.

Manganese sand filter physical and chemical properties analysis:

Analysis of the data analysis project analysis project analysis data
MnO2 content 20-45% proportion g / cm3 3.2-3.6
SiO2 content of 17-20% Bulk density g / cm3 2.0
Iron content of about 20% hydrochloric acid soluble rate% (3.5
Clay content% (2.5% ≤1.0 wear rate
Density g / cm3 2.66 MnO2% 30-40
Bulk density g / cm3 1.85 Broken rate% ≤1.0

Manganese sand filter works:

Iron to Fe2 + state had underground (well) water, the water has heterochromatic odor, and reduce pollution exchange capacity ion exchange resins, long after generating iron scale, affecting heat transfer, can corrode equipment and manganese sands MnO2 and Fe2 + redox reaction, the Fe2 + into Fe3 + and generate Fe (OH) 3 precipitate, which use manganese sand filter backwash function to achieve the purpose of purification to remove.

For groundwater in addition to iron and manganese from natural manganese sand filter, which should form the manganese oxide manganese-based. Manganese content (with MnO2 dollars, the same below) shall not be less than 35% of natural manganese sand filter, both It can be used for groundwater in addition to iron, but also for groundwater and manganese; manganese content of 20% to 30% of natural manganese sand filter, it should only be used groundwater in addition to iron; manganese content of less than 20% of manganese ore is not appropriate. It should give priority to the production and use through scientific tests or proof to obtain a good addition to iron and manganese in addition to the effect of natural manganese sand varieties make filter.

MOQ: 1 ton shipments to: National Sector: Chemical Agents

Major customers: Environmental Company plant sewage treatment plant

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Our products are widely used in refining, chemicals, waterworks, power plants, petroleum, iron and steel, metallurgy, paper, recycled water, pure water, beverage filtration and purification, industrial water supply, urban drainage, urban water and a variety of large, medium and small waterworks and other water treatment.