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Supply multi-faceted hollow ball hollow ball | multi-faceted hollow ball

Supply multi-faceted hollow ball hollow ball | multi-faceted hollow ball
  • Supply multi-faceted hollow ball hollow ball | multi-faceted hollow ball
Product code: 21062600001
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Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Content ≥ (%): 98
  • Materials: PP
  • density: 2.63 g / cm3
  • Implementation of quality standards: GB
Detailed description:

Multi-faceted hollow ball with polypropylene (PP) plastic sphere, in the middle of the ball along the entire circumference of a reinforcement ring up and down each have twelve ball valve, along the central axis was radial layout. Its light weight, strength high, long life, pro-big water mass transfer efficiency. applies to gas absorption, degassing, washing, drying and distillation equipment.

Product Features:

Multi-faceted hollow ball in the middle along the entire circumference of a reinforcement ring, ring up and down in each twelve ball valve upper and lower ball valve staggered each other, along the central axis was radial layout. I plant in the production of engineering plastics unit help By experiences, confirmed that the product has the following advantages: Because the large surface area; high mass transfer efficiency, product space is large, and light weight, high strength, easy installation, welcome all relevant departments to promote the use of features: high gas velocity, blade many small resistance; large surface area, can adequately address the air-fluid exchange; having small resistance operating flexibility and other characteristics.

Multi-faceted hollow ball Scope:

Widely used in addition to oxygen, in addition to carbon dioxide gas and other environmental protection equipment. Multi-faceted hollow ball is a new and efficient tower water treatment equipment is widely used in packing, for a variety of water treatment equipment is packed multi-faceted hollow ball is widely used in domestic electricity, chemicals, paper, environmental protection industry until the decarbonization, decarboxylation, oil and water separation, desalination, water, waste water, waste gas treatment and other devices to use.

Multi-faceted hollow ball performance parameters:

Size (mm) than the surface area of ​​the square / cube porosity coefficient accumulation cells / cubic stacking weight Kg / cubic
25 500 500 85000 210
38 300 0.86 22800 100
50 200 0.90 11500 95
76 - - 3198 75

I plant mainly produces packing products, mainly include: multi-faceted hollow ball, the ball surface coverage, backwash drain cap, perforated ball suspended packing, Pall rings, ladder ring, hexagonal honeycomb inclined tube filler, elastic filler, filler combination, semi-soft packing.

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