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Supply of manganese sand iron filter | refined ferromanganese except sand filter manganese sand

Supply of manganese sand iron filter | refined ferromanganese except sand filter manganese sand
  • Supply of manganese sand iron filter | refined ferromanganese except sand filter manganese sand
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Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Media type: Manganese sand
  • Suitable: water
  • use: Water Filtration
  • Types of: Efficient
  • density: 2.6 g / cm3
  • performance: Acid-proof
  • Adsorption rate: 80 x
  • Anti-stress: 80 kgf
  • Porosity: 50 %
  • The wear rate: 1
  • hardness: 8
  • chemical composition: Manganese sand
  • Hydrochloric acid soluble rate: 0.5 %
Detailed description:

The company specializes in the production of various water treatment materials, including the production of addition to conventional products, the company also mass media marble, Emery filter, zeolite, garnet filter, dolomite filter, emerald stone filter, filter beads, feldspar, rare earth porcelain sand, and operates various fillers.
Manganese sand filter is the use of excellent quality of domestic grain dense, high mechanical strength, chemical activity, not broken, do not dissolve in water, natural manganese sand. After washing polishing cleaning, drying, magnetic separation, screening, dust and other process into the sand. then processed by a certain manganese sand graded blending. It has the best water filter grading proportion, it has the largest volume per unit of surface area, the strongest interception Capacity, largest and smallest catalytic oxidation backwash churn manganese sand filter appearance of rough brown or light gray, commonly used in drinking water in addition to iron, and manganese filtration equipment, water treatment effect is very good. (Note: MnO2≥35% either in addition to iron, but in addition to manganese, MnO2≤30%) can only be used for groundwater in addition to iron), manganese sand filter is mainly used to reduce the water content of the total iron ferromanganese and manganese, according to China's drinking water health standard gauge its iron content ≤0.3㎎ / L, manganese content ≤0.1㎎ / L, iron manganese content is too high for a long time drinking water will seriously affect their health.

Manganese sand filter physical and chemical properties analysis:

Analysis of the data analysis project analysis project analysis data
MnO2 content 20-45% proportion g / cm3 3.2-3.6
SiO2 content of 17-20% Bulk density g / cm3 2.0
Iron content of about 20% hydrochloric acid soluble rate% (3.5
Clay content% (2.5% ≤1.0 wear rate
Density g / cm3 2.66 MnO2% 30-40
Bulk density g / cm3 1.85 Broken rate% ≤1.0

The company is specialized in producing series of water purification materials business, the company is strong in technology, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, detection means perfect, long history of production, product quality Habitat forefront of the domestic industry. Welcome to the new and old customers to consult the discussion.