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Supply solid surface covered ball | various surface covered ball

Supply solid surface covered ball | various surface covered ball
  • Supply solid surface covered ball | various surface covered ball
Product code: 21053800001
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Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Content ≥ (%): 98
  • Materials: PP
  • density: 2.6 g / cm3
  • Implementation of quality standards: GB
Detailed description:

Product Description:
The ball surface coverage pp polypropylene as raw material, foam, plastic shrink production of circular filler into the ball with the edge surface coverage and without side surface covered ball in two models, with a side surface covered with a ball stable center of gravity, while overlapping with the edge, good coverage and other characteristics, and its role is to inhibit volatilization mist to protect the health of operators, reduce air pollution and air pollution on the water quality, improve condensate quality, conducive to generating units, heating safe operation of the unit. polypropylene injection molding.

Gas velocity high, leaves and more resistance, large surface area, temperature, corrosion resistance, surface hydrophilic properties, the smallest spray density and low, can adequately address the air-fluid exchange.

Widely used in addition to gas, in addition to oxygen, in addition to carbon dioxide gas and other environmental protection equipment.

Performance parameters:
Size (mm) than the surface area of ​​the square / cube porosity coefficient accumulation cells / cubic stacking weight Kg / cubic
25 500 0.82 85000 210
38 300 0.86 22800 100
50 200 0.90 11500 95
76 - - 3198 75

Widely used in sewage, petrochemicals, light industry and paper, food industry, electricity, wine, sugar, textile, printing and dyeing, leather, pharmaceutical and other industries such as industrial waste removal, degassing, decarboxylation, oil and water separation, seawater desalination, water, wastewater treatment and other devices.

The filler material made of polypropylene injection molding, rapid microbial biofilm, biofilm easy to fall off, anti-acid, anti-aging, free flow impact, long life, resistance to biodegradable products, sludge few, easy to install.

Technical Parameters:
Brittle transition temperature minus 10 degrees Celsius, the specific surface area 380-800m2 / m3, porosity of greater than 99%, the proportion of 0.93.

Ф150mm, Ф100mm, Ф80mm

Ordering Information:
Ordering packing specifications, type, quantity or cube, etc clearly needed.

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