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Supply water plant dedicated Yuxin PFS

Supply water plant dedicated Yuxin PFS
  • Supply water plant dedicated Yuxin PFS
Product code: 21050300001
Unit price: 1350 CNY  (196.29 USD)
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Brand: Henan new models: Various
  • Mesh: 2
  • model: Yuxin
  • Active substance content: 30
  • PH value of the use: 5-9
Detailed description:

PFS as a new inorganic coagulants are widely used in various fields of twenty years two decades we have done a lot of work in practice: we PFS drinking water before application conducted various experiments identification of the PFS coagulation treatment of drinking water as agents for the promotion of the application; sewage and industrial waste water treatment and promote the application of the test: trial and produce high levels (iron content greater than 25%) of the SPFS. I plant experienced owned water exploration, research, applications nearly two decades of practice, the successful application of PFS Wuhan Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel and other major sewage treatment system.

PFS production of raw materials are ferrous sulfate, iron slag, iron industrial waste acid, etc; PFS production processes are pressure, pressure, ambient temperature, heating, stirring and circulation: selection of catalysts are Asian nitrate, chlorate, hydrogen peroxide and the like.

I produced experimentally proved PFS: PFS superior treatment effect in domestic and industrial waste water other inorganic coagulant I plant products into the drinking water prior to application of the commissioned units of PFS. water toxicity and safety of a large number of experiments by identifying long after tests showed: PFS belongs to actually non-toxic, non-carcinogenic hazard, can be safely used in drinking water treatment.
Purifying national standards for water treatment chemicals mandatory standards, and in the actual application process, especially in the non-potable applications, because the water is different, different techniques, different equipment, product quality indicators will different. This requires manufacturers to have the adjustment of national standards and the overall quality and capacity standard user relationship, according to the characteristics of the user quality process equipment, flexibility to adjust the index value of the product, the maximum extent possible to meet the user's requirements.

More varieties of products to meet different quality requirements. Although PFS has a special effect, application and development over the years in the field of water treatment. But not every one agent can package 'cure' Hundertwasser, the different water quality needs different coagulant that has the best results in the production of pharmaceutical agents while studying other properties, characteristics and advantages. targeted to recommend the most suitable for the user agent to the user.

Production, application and development of PFS needs to extend development to meet the needs of scientific and technological development. As technology advances, efficient, developed economy is the development direction of the water treatment chemicals water treatment chemicals.

In recent years, I plant a lot of scientific experts and also as an extension of the PFS developed a lot of research and development work, the PFS and the use of complex organic polymer flocculant: polyacrylamide flocculant handle made of steel wastewater; with different proportions of Fe3 + / Fe dyeing wastewater treatment; cationic polymer with an organic compound as sludge dehydration agents: we will cationic polyacrylamide derivative with the Yangtze River water to produce drinking water treatment PFS can reduce drug dosage, improve the coagulation effect, minimize the impact of pesticides on water.