Supply Yixing Yu new environmentally semi-soft packing, soft packing, tower packing

Supply Yixing Yu new environmentally semi-soft packing, soft packing, tower packing

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Content ≥ (%): 80
  • Materials: PP / PE
  • density: 2 g / cm3
  • Implementation of quality standards: GB
Detailed description:

Semi-soft filler, also known as 'snow sheet' filler, made of PP, PE. From the injection molding machine injection molding. The filler is more suitable for cooling towers. Semi-soft filler materials used in polypropylene, polyethylene soft aldehyde synthetic fiber filler Lun as the basic material to simulate natural grass forms processing. soft filler having a large surface area, high utilization, do not plug the gap variable, wide application, low cost, less shipping costs, etc., in recent years, to have been widely used in printing and dyeing, silk, wool, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paper, linen, hospitals, cyanide to be boiling process. In order to make it play a greater product features and economic benefits, in recent years, scientific research units to help, soft packing innovation, diversity, reasonable structure, the more good effect to overcome the actual original ground surface appear small, easily broken rope center, intermediate tow clumping and other ills, so that the majority of users welcome.

Cooling high performance, small resistance, water distribution, gas distribution good performance, easy long film, but also cut a bubble. The filler material cast polyethylene, double points inside and outside the sphere is hollow fish net external sphere, internal to transition sphere, during use, easy to produce microbial, easy to replace, acid, anti-aging, free flow impact, long life, low sludge, easy to install.

Widely used in sewage, petrochemicals, light paper, food industry; stuffed nine, sugar, textile, printing and dyeing;.. Leather, pharmaceutical and other industrial wastewater treatment supporting the contact oxidation tower, oxidation ponds oxidation tank and other equipment is a kinds of biological contact oxidation and anaerobic wastewater treatment biological carrier.

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