Supply Henan 'sieve manufacturers'

Supply Henan 'sieve manufacturers'

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: 5A
  • Media type: other
  • Suitable: water
  • use: Water Filtration
  • Types of: Efficient
  • density: 2.2 g / cm3
  • performance: Acid-proof
  • Adsorption rate: 80 x
  • Anti-stress: 70 kgf
  • Porosity: 55 %
  • The wear rate: 1
  • hardness: 6
  • Hydrochloric acid soluble rate: 0.5 %
Detailed description:

Molecular sieve absorption ability, for the gas purification process, should be stored to avoid direct exposure to the air should be stored a long time before regeneration and has hygroscopic molecular sieve using sieves avoid oil and liquid water. Should be used to avoid contact with oil and liquid water.

Industrial production drying gas are air, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc. with two parallel adsorption drier, a work, while the other can be regenerated. Alternating work and regeneration, in order to ensure Equipment for continuous operation. drier at 8-12 ℃ work, heated to 350 ℃ under the gassing regeneration sieves with different specifications regeneration temperature is slightly different sieves to certain organic vapor phase catalytic reaction with good sieves and said zeolite or zeolite is a crystalline aluminum silicate, its crystal structure has regular and uniform pores, a pore size of molecular size order of magnitude, which allows only a smaller diameter than the aperture into the molecule, and therefore able to mixture The molecule to be screened according to size. so called molecular sieves.

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