Supply Henan new high-quality fiber bundle

Supply Henan new high-quality fiber bundle

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Media type: Fiber ball
  • Suitable: water
  • use: Water Filtration
  • Types of: Efficient
  • density: 1.5 g / cm3
  • performance: Acid-proof
  • Adsorption rate: 80 x
  • Anti-stress: 50 kgf
  • Porosity: 55 %
  • The wear rate: 1
  • hardness: 5
  • chemical composition: fiber
  • Hydrochloric acid soluble rate: 0.5 %
Detailed description:

Tow filter made of high quality acrylic, polyester fiber as raw material, because of its use of its surface buildup of large number of biological groups and oxygenation, repeated contact with water, so that organic matter degradation interception and easily remove the small precipitate suspended solids and purify purposes. quartz sand filtration ratio of 4-4.5 times higher. easy to backwash regeneration can be automated management, general filtration rate 35m / h, coarse filter water 120mg / L, the effluent SS≤5mg / L, fine filter water 25mg / L, the effluent ≤2mg / L, but also because of its special craft, can be replaced quickly enter and maintenance, the current high standard widely used in electricity, oil, chemical, metallurgy, electronics and other industries for water, recycling, next to the filter, and wastewater recycling.

The biggest difference with ordinary fiber filter tow ball so different from the textile dyeing a poor polymer - modified fiber tow made of fine, hydrophilic oleophobic, in the treatment of oily wastewater has effect good, high precision, easy to wash, long life cycle, it is widely used in oil fields, petrochemical processing, printing and dyeing industry wastewater treatment.

Modified fiber ball filter is the junction made by a modified fiber Sizha, it applies to the fine filtration of oily wastewater, but also for other industrial wastewater fine filtration.

Mechanism of modified fiber ball to remove oil and organic matter are: direct interception, inertial interception and electrochemical adsorption filter before the water quality oil ≤15mg / L, suspended solids ≤10mg / L; filtered water quality oil ≤5mg / L, suspended solids ≤2mg. / L.

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