Edifier / Cruiser | R201T12 multimedia desktop computer speaker stereo subwoofer T08 Notebook

Edifier / Cruiser | R201T12 multimedia desktop computer speaker stereo subwoofer T08 Notebook

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Edifier / Cruiser R201T12
  • Packaging volume: 343 × 251 × 293mm
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Condition: New
  • GW: 4.83KG
  • Cabinet Material: Wood
  • color: black
  • Service: Genius
  • Brand: Edifier / Cruiser
  • Cruiser Model: R201T12

Official people, you know how long it can be a speaker? And you know what brand of speakers durable it?

Edifier speakers The hen is Fighting chicken , Sturdy shape, inside it, the club, the chicken The average life expectancy in 5 - 8 years Or even longer, so long that outrageous. Brand, has always been an indispensable force!

A set of speakers With you the number of the sun and moon, then choose a good speaker embodies very important, speakers hundred dollars less, you can buy, but before long, the bad, what is the use? Buy a set, but also made the same price! cup reminders of it, or the critical moment, if the speaker dumb, I believe your spiritual loss is not small it!

This chicken is fighting civilians choice, not for good, just more cost-effective!

  • 1, the appearance of simple, not fancy, real
  • 2, powerful bass, you can adjust bass
  • 3, the focus is very long life! Very long.
  • 4, shop exclusively for 30 days no reason to return! (Let's official people buy comfortable, at ease)

Heartfelt appeal to buy a good one, do not buy a no-name when dissatisfied and bitter!

Wire purchased separately, you need to contact customer service!

In the entry-level speaker series products, the Edifier R201T series products have amazing sales, far more than 5 million units of ownership market is China and the world of multimedia speaker industry miracle, until now, the series is still a variety of computer zanji popular choice on the list. R201T series has always been adhering to the simple, classic, practical advantages, movers in the second half of 2011 and launched a new R201T12, this product internally and externally, in the classical tradition, they also add fashion colors to make your entertainment life more colorful.

On the overall shape, although a traditional walker R201T12 shadow, but there has been a significant change in perception. Subwoofers extend the previous product square shape, but modified in appearance and under a lot of effort. Large caliber dumb Invert tube light panel with high light inverter control closely together, in order to inject a touch of the box projecting bright, sophisticated and stylish, so simple tough housing more vivid.

R201T12 satellites styling is distinctive, with the previous R201T series of different products, it uses translucent leg design, modeling agile at low speaker hard lines, highlighting the beauty of a soft, side by side with each other.

The acoustic structure, R201T12 Low speaker box with E0 class environmental MDF to build, not only environmentally friendly, but also to effectively eliminate undesirable resonance box sound box and built five inches of foam side cone woofer, coupled with huge magnetic steel, ensure powerful low frequencies.

In order to ensure a better near-field listening sound effects, R201T12 make satellite speakers with integrated front baffle base, forming a small elevation, more in line with the perspective of practical use, but also can reduce the reflection of sound in desktop interference, the sound quality is more dry net clear. the high-quality foam edge cone 2.75 inches alt unit, bright treble, alto sweet. in addition, as the version R201T series of products, which also will upgrade the acoustic structure, unique double curved thickened lengthened inverting pipe, surface diffusion design, to a large degree of wind noise reduction, enhance the low frequency, enhance the sound quality.

On the control settings, R201T12 using side-mounted control panel design, interface and control knob on the right side of the cloth, from top to bottom for the volume control knob, bass boost knob, line input, power indicator, satellites and power output interface key, user-friendly adjustment. of course, as a social responsibility, to uphold the concept of quality first, movers strict compliance with national electrical standards, part of the total electricity use double-insulated process to ensure user safety, the quality and safety do reality.

Each has a historical accumulation of business, we have a remarkable product. Edifier R201T products not only get a good harvest after the listing on the sales, has won widespread recognition of the consumers, while R201T12, both the traditional classical heritage, it is after the R & D strength Cruiser leaps and bounds, classic product upgrade again, more stylish, better workmanship, superior sound quality, the new R201T12 to bring you a variety of audio and video entertainment.