Edifier / Edifier | R201T12 Multimedia Computer Speakers Subwoofer Notebook Audio T08

Edifier / Edifier | R201T12 Multimedia Computer Speakers Subwoofer Notebook Audio T08

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Edifier / Edifier R201T12
  • Packing volume: 343 × 251 × 293mm
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Condition: New
  • Gross weight: 4.83KG
  • Box material: wood
  • color: black
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Brand: Edifier / Edifier
  • Edifier Model: R201T12

Officials, you know how long a speaker can be used? And you know what brand of speakers durable?

Edifier speaker Is the hen Fighting chicken , Shape sturdy, inside it, pole, and this chicken Life expectancy is about 5-8 years on average , Or even longer, long to the outrageous. Brand, has always been an indispensable power!

A set of speakers , With the number of your sun and the moon, then choose a good speaker to reflect the very important, hundred dollars below the speaker, you can buy, but not long before it is broken, what is the use? The same price! Cup reminder, or a critical moment, if the speaker dumb, I believe your spirit is not a small loss it!

Cock fighting chicken is the choice of civilians, not for good, just to cost-effective!

  • 1, the appearance of simple, not fancy, real
  • 2, bass powerful, adjustable bass can be arbitrary
  • 3, the focus is a very long life!
  • 4, OUR specifically for 30 days no reason to return service! (Let the official people to buy Shuxin, must be assured)

Heartfelt appeal, once to buy a good, do not buy a brand-name not satisfied and bitter!

In the entry-level speaker product line, Edifier R201T series has amazing sales, so far more than 5 million sets of market holdings in China and the world's multimedia speaker industry miracle, until now, the series is still a variety of computers Zanji single popular choice.Adhering to the R201T series has always been simple, classic, practical advantages, Edifier in the second half of 2011 has launched a new R201T12, this internally and externally repaired products, while the classic heritage, but also Added a fashionable color, let your audio and video entertainment life more colorful.

In the overall shape, the Cruiser R201T12 Although the traditional shadow, but the perception has been significantly changed.Wowphones before the product continues to square shape, but in the appearance of the modification and down a lot of effort. Large diameter dumb Light inversion tube panel and high-intensity inverted tube closely, as the box into the touch of a prominent bright color, exquisite and stylish, so simple and tough box more vivid.

R201T12 satellite box shape design is quite distinctive, and previous R201T series of different products, it uses a translucent foot design, modeling Smart, in the subwoofer hard lines, highlighting a soft beauty, each other side by side.

Acoustic structure, R201T12 subwoofer box with E0-class environmental protection MDF to create, not only environmentally friendly, but also can effectively eliminate the adverse resonance box and box. Built-in 5-inch foam edge cone cone woofer, coupled with huge magnetic Steel, ensuring a strong low-frequency.

In order to ensure a better near sound field to listen to the effect, R201T12 satellite speaker with integrated front baffle base, forming a small elevation angle, more in line with the actual use of the angle, but also reduce the reflection of the sound waves in the desktop interference, Clear, high-quality 2.75-inch foam edge cone in the treble unit, treble bright, tenor sweet. In addition, as the R201T series product version, the acoustic structure also will be upgraded, unique hyperboloid thickening of the inverted phase Tube, surface diffusion design, to a large extent, reduce wind noise, enhance low-frequency, improve sound quality.

In the control settings, R201T12 side control panel design, interface and control knob on the right side, from top to bottom in order to adjust the volume knob, bass gain adjustment knob, line input, power indicator, satellite output interface and power Open key, user-friendly adjustment.Of course, as a social responsibility, adhering to the concept of quality first, Cruiser strict compliance with national electrical standards, electricity part of the use of all double insulation technology to ensure the safety of users, the quality and safety Do it.

Each has a historical accumulation of enterprises, have a remarkable product.Edifier R201T series of products not only get the market after the harvest on the harvest, but also won the general consumer recognition.The R201T12, both traditional heritage of the classic, it is Edifier R & D strength by leaps and bounds, the classic product upgrades again, more stylish appearance, better workmanship, more superior sound quality, the new R201T12 bring you a variety of audio and video entertainment.