Sansui / landscape GS-6000 (11D) Desktop Notebook computer audio card small speakers subwoofer

Sansui / landscape GS-6000 (11D) Desktop Notebook computer audio card small speakers subwoofer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Sansui / landscape GS-6000 (1 ...
  • Packaging volume: L241 * W192 * H342
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Condition: New
  • GW: 2.5KG
  • Cabinet Material: Wood
  • Color Classification: Rose Red red black teak grain
  • Service: Genius
  • Brand: Sansui / landscape
  • Model: GS-6000 (11D)

This 'no 3C certification' of prices are often cheaper, but why do not recommend buying it? Because in order to reduce costs in order to obtain a certain profit margin, in this case can only begin to cut corners inside, not just this hazard reducing the quality, there will be serious electrical safety hazards, must not freeloaders.

Perhaps for this no moral conscience businesses, create speaker then sold their sole purpose, brand image, industrial design, outstanding corporate social responsibility these essential elements is that they do not care, seek immediate interests, no long-term consideration of the company's products, you dares to buy it?

Electric is a multimedia speaker, of course, only through the most basic safety certification to sale, the most basic safety certification is: 3C certification, "China Compulsory Certification" abbreviation (China Compulsory Certification), it represents some of the indicators of safety and quality of products qualified multimedia speakers are the first compulsory product certification, but the current market is flooded with a large number did not pass the 3C certification of multimedia products, which in some 'cottage plant 'is particularly common, because the product safety certification organization not only for inspection fees, and rigorous testing program (eg: machine power dissipation, temperature problems), etc. can make those products betrays cut corners, so they Simply avoid 3C certification, directly into the market. 3C certification did not pass the price will be very low (likely a 2.1 speaker 70 yuan), but for the safety of consumers caused a great threat, and also violated the relevant laws and regulations, it is strongly recommended not to buy such product.