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Supply Yixing Henan new environmental soft filler, semi-soft packing, tower packing

Supply Yixing Henan new environmental soft filler, semi-soft packing, tower packing
  • Supply Yixing Henan new environmental soft filler, semi-soft packing, tower packing
Product code: 21042100001
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Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Content ≥ (%): 80
  • Materials: PP / PE
  • density: 2 g / cm3
  • Implementation of quality standards: GB
Detailed description:

Soft synthetic fiber filler aldehyde Lun as the basic material, mimic natural forms processing plants. Soft packing a large surface area, high utilization, do not plug the gap variable, wide application, low cost, less freight, etc., soft filler have been added in recent years, widely used in printing and dyeing, silk, wool, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paper, linen, hospitals, cyanide to be boiling process. In order to make it play a greater product features and economic benefits, in recent years, in the relevant scientific research units to help know, soft packing innovation, diversity, reasonable structure, the more good effect to overcome the actual original ground surface appear small, easily broken rope center, intermediate tow clumping and other ills, so deep the majority of users welcome.
Soft filler evolved through modification of the second type, three series of products, the performance has been greatly improved, the scope more extensive. D2, D3, E2, E3 suitable for printing, dyeing mill, wool, carpets, cotton , aerobic treatment silk, pharmacy, cyanide, petrochemical and other industrial wastewater and domestic sewage. A2, A3, B2, B3, C2, C3 type soft packing apply to hemp, alcohol, sugar, paper, food, fermentation high concentration of anaerobic wastewater treatment.
Modified soft filler to use fiber rope twist spinning series embossed with filaments evenly distributed plastic discs, consisting of a certain length to unit fiber bundle, change and overcome the original center of the rope loose silk tie, tensile strength uneven When running easily broken, filaments in the water is difficult to lateral expansion, uneven distribution, bias, biofilm clumping, lower than the actual surface area, short life and other ills. by the relevant determination, soft packing after remodeling than the original The utilization rate doubled and easy assembly.

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