Supply Yuxin 80 cellular ramp

Supply Yuxin 80 cellular ramp

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: 80
  • Content ≥ (%): 80
  • Materials: PP
  • density: 2 g / cm3
  • Implementation of quality standards: GB
Detailed description:

Honeycomb inclined tube filler is based on 'shallow sedimentation' theory-based design and development of a sedimentation tank filler, widely used in water treatment settling tank cellular inclined tube section is generally rectangular or hexagonal. Made of ethylene-propylene copolymer or polypropylene and other engineering materials. The packing wet weeks, hydraulic radius is small, the runtime laminar flow state is good, particle deposition from turbulent flow interference, can accelerate particles are separated from the water and sediment particles shorten the distance. honeycomb inclined tube using EPR copolymer grade plastic for the material, the infrared heated hot pressing, accurate size, surface area, safe, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, aging, wall smooth, easy to wash.
Cellular ramp is mainly used for a variety of precipitation and Desanding role over the past decade to the drainage works in the most widely used and become a water treatment plant. It is suitable for a wide range of high treatment efficiency, small footprint advantages. suitable for intake Desanding, general industrial and domestic water sedimentation, sewage sedimentation, water purification and sewage plants, sewage plants, coal water treatment, coal washing water treatment, power plant thickener, tailings water treatment, pharmaceutical, paper Desanding and rapid precipitation of wastewater treatment plants, grease separation and enrichment tailings substandard, especially for the transformation of water and wastewater treatment efficiency is better. That applies to new construction, but also for the transformation of the existing old pool, We have achieved good economic results.
High load biofilter straight pipes are mainly used for biological filter, biological filter tower, submerged biological filter (also known as contact oxidation pond), and microbial bio-wheel carrier of industrial organic wastewater and urban sewage biological treatment .

Note: Specifications can be produced according to user requirements.

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