Supply of high efficiency composite polymeric aluminum-ferric chloride

Supply of high efficiency composite polymeric aluminum-ferric chloride

Product description:

Brand: Yu-new model: solid
  • Mesh size: 200
  • Model: YX
  • Effective matter content: 98
  • PH value range: 3-5
  • Chemical composition: Alumina
  • Appearance: Brown
  • Content (%): 98
  • Specification of the package: Woven bags
  • Implement quality standards: GB
  • CAS: **
Detailed description:

Composite polymeric aluminum ferric chloride coagulants

Polymeric aluminum ferric chloride (PAFC) is made of aluminum salts and iron salts coagulant hydrolysis into an inorganic polymer coagulant, based on the principle of synergy, joined the iron ions and ferric chloride and other iron-containing compound, a new type of high efficient coagulant. It integrates advantages aluminum salts and iron salts, aluminium and iron ions form has improved significantly, degree of polymerization is greatly improved. Aluminum and ferric coagulant flotation operation advantages of the improved coagulation properties of polyaluminum chloride; On the purification of water with high turbidity and low temperature and low turbidity water treatment effect is particularly evident, without alkaline additives or other coagulant.

Performance and advantages of polymeric aluminum chloride is mainly as follows:

1, fast hydrolysis, hydration is weak. Alum of the formation of dense, fast settlement. Under the influence of water temperature variation is small, can meet the requirement of shear in the flow.
2, solid Brown, reddish-brown powder, easily soluble in water.
3, can be effectively removed in source water of aluminum ions after Aluminum salt coagulant free of residual aluminium ion in water.
4, wide application range, drinking water, industrial water, domestic water, sewage and industrial effluent treatment.
5, drugs less effective than other coagulants saves range fees

Main physical and chemical index:

Project test data
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) ≥ 26
Iron oxide (Fe2O3) 1-3.2
Base% 60-95
PH (aqueous solution of 1%) 3.5-5.0

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