Supply anionic polymerization acrylamide information | How anionic polymerization acrylamide

Supply anionic polymerization acrylamide information | How anionic polymerization acrylamide

Product description:

Brand: Yu-new model: YX
  • Mesh size: 80
  • Model: YX
  • Effective matter content: 98
  • PH value range: 7-14
  • Chemical composition: Polyacrylamide
  • Appearance: White granule
  • Content (%): 98
  • Specification of the package: Woven bags
  • Implement quality standards: GB
  • CAS: **
Detailed description:

Enterprise products: polymeric aluminum chloride, poly aluminum chloride, basic aluminum chloride, high efficiency flocculating
Agents, filtration materials.

Pam, PAM for short, is a white powder-like solid. Easy water absorption, water absorption characteristics of ion velocity derivatives and different. Polyacrylamide is soluble in water, soluble in acetic acid ethylene glycol =, glycerin and amines and other organic solvents. Long term thermal decomposition, decomposition temperature 200 ℃ or more. In anaerobic conditions, 210 c carbon into black powder.
Depending on your needs, Pam can be used by non-ionic and anionic, cationic and yin, Yang mixed ion to form four types of products.

Pam, is an important water-soluble polymer, and both Flocculent, thickening, shear resistance, resistance, dispersion and other advantages. These properties with different derivatives of ions and have different emphases. Thus in the production, processing, metallurgy, chemical, paper, textile, sugar, health, environmental protection, building materials, have a wide range of uses in the agricultural production sector.

Storage, transport and matters needing attention:
Polyacrylamide is not toxic in itself. Only when intake is greater than 5 per thousand for gastrointestinal mucosal absorption of nutrition are viscous resistance and harmful. Residual acrylamide in polyacrylamide toxic, food use, strictly controlled, stored, should pay attention to moisture transport.

Powder 25kg/bags; Colloidal 25kg/barrels inside polyethylene film, outside the bag plastic bag.

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