Supply all kinds of activated carbon shell activated carbon

Supply all kinds of activated carbon shell activated carbon

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Exterior: Black amorphous particles
  • Materials: Coir
  • specification: 2-8
  • granularity: 400 mesh
  • Decolorization rate: 80 %
  • Content of effective substances: 80 %
  • Moisture: 3 %
  • CAS: GB
Detailed description:

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High quality coconut shell activated carbon, shell peach, apricot shells as raw material, the use of advanced technology and equipment, the charring, high temperature steam activation, the appearance of black particles, has developed porosity, adsorption capacity, strength, chemical stability, uniform particles, etc., mainly used for drinking water, purified water, beverages, deep wine, industrial water, power, sewage and water purification and refining of precious metals, silver infiltration activated carbon.
Coal activated carbon can be used for urban drinking water advanced purification, removal of chlorine, deodorant; also high water, artificial mineral water production process, advanced purification materials; large-scale boiler feed water pre-COD and other harmful impurities removal can be improved boiler efficiency and extend boiler life; Ability to effectively remove the water of COD, pigments, odor and other toxic substances into large particles can be filled with activated carbon filter and purify the air can be made of different powdered activated carbon adsorption performance, different decolorization according to user requirements, different. fineness grade activated carbon. Powdered activated carbon adsorption fast, flocculation effect and help filter effects. less use of units of construction investment, low operating costs, and thus in water plants, sewage treatment plants acclaimed in food, medicine, field bleaching, crystallization, filtration, purification, and other substances with a wide variety of applications is the activated carbon filter mat, the main material of activated carbon foam.

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