Supply PAC | PAC PAC water treatment agent

Supply PAC | PAC PAC water treatment agent

Product description:

Brand: Yu-new model: YX
  • Mesh size: 200
  • Model: YX
  • Effective matter content: 98
  • PH value range: 5
  • Chemical composition: AL2O3
  • Appearance: Light yellow powder
  • Content (%): 98
  • Specification of the package: Woven bags
  • Implement quality standards: GB
  • CAS: **
Detailed description:

Poly aluminum chloride (Polyaluminium Chloride) referred to as PAC. Usually also known as alkali aluminum chloride coagulant and so on, it is somewhere between ALCL3 and AL (OH) 3 between a water-soluble inorganic polymers, chemical formula [AL2 (OH) NCL6-NLm] where m represents the degree of polymerization, n is the PAC level of neutral products. Color is yellow or pale yellow with dark brown, dark gray resin solids. Bridge of the product has strong adsorption properties, in the hydrolysis process, accompanied by cohesion, physical and chemical processes such as adsorption and precipitation.

Aggregate chloride aluminum and traditional inorganic coagulant of fundamental difference is traditional inorganic coagulant for low molecular Crystal salt, and aggregate chloride aluminum of structure by form changeable of multiple carboxyl complexes composition, flocculation gel precipitation speed fast, applies PH value range wide, on pipeline equipment no corrosion sex, water effect obviously, can effective support except water in the color quality SS, COD, BOD and the arsenic, mercury, heavy metal ion, the products widely for drinking water, industrial water and sewage processing field.

Basic aluminum chloride as a novel coagulant has the following advantages:

Basic aluminum chloride in the treatment of paper making, printing and dyeing wastewater with unique performance. Floc forming, high sedimentation rate, reaction thus settling time can be shortened, and under the appropriate conditions to improve production capacity of 1.5-3 times. Dosage, such as alkali aluminum chloride coagulant water hardness less than when various inorganic coagulant to deal with lower water has a PH value less. Water treatment, particularly in the treatment of high concentration water may not or less alkaline additives and coagulant. Its decoloring capacity superior to other inorganic coagulants.

Method of use:

1, the solid product by 1:3 water after dissolving into liquid, plus water diluted to the required concentration for use 10-30 times.

2, the amount depending on the raw water turbidity, determination of the optimum dosage, when raw water turbidity 100-500mg/L, dosage per thousand tonnes to 10-20kg.

Packaging and storage:

1, lined with plastic bag, outer plastic woven bag, the weight of each bag is 25kg.

2, store in a cool, dry place, against Sun and rain.

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