Supply of Gongyi City, Henan efficient new comet fiber | comet fiber ball filter

Supply of Gongyi City, Henan efficient new comet fiber | comet fiber ball filter

Product description:

Brand: Henan new models: YX
  • Media type: Fiber ball
  • Suitable: water
  • use: Water Filtration
  • Types of: Efficient
  • density: 1.3 g / cm3
  • performance: Acid-proof
  • Adsorption rate: 80 x
  • Anti-stress: 80 kgf
  • Porosity: 50 %
  • The wear rate: 1
  • hardness: 8
  • chemical composition: fiber
  • Hydrochloric acid soluble rate: 0.5 %
Detailed description:

Yuxin 'comet fiber filter', the image that is - as a particulate filter like a comet dragging a long tail '- fiber characteristics of the filter material is a loose end of fiber tow, and called 'tail', and the other end secured to tow larger density 'nucleus' of when the filter, the denser' nucleus' played a role in compaction of the fiber tow while, and because ' nucleus' of smaller size, less uniformity of the cross-section of the filter porosity distribution, thus improving the interception capacity of the filter bed. It has the advantages of high precision fiber filter filtration and interception large, but also has Wash particle filter backwash water consumption of high merit and form a new filter material.

Our selection of filaments performance light texture, high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion-resistant, does not absorb water as filtration material having sufficient chemical stability, water treatment process, no harmful ingredients dissolution;. Trans wash high strength friction, impact, shearing force does not run breakage and loss of material; many years of immersion in water does not rot durable air-water flushing system - to make full use of the original ordinary rapid filter filtering space, guarantee a certain depth filtration. , tow filter manifold system is not set up another type with abundant gas line, in the pool of original DN400mm big resistance to water distribution mains on opening directly into the pool and dry DN150mm gas distribution pipe welding, so that gas pipeline system and is equipped with one-way system pipes together, both single gas and water washing, but also gas and water shuffling.

The company is specialized in producing series of water purification materials business, the company is strong in technology, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, detection means perfect, long history of production, product quality Habitat forefront of the domestic industry. Welcome to the new and old customers to consult the discussion.