Choseal / Akihabara | TV signal cable | Cable TV line Closed-circuit TV line High-definition set-top box cable

Choseal / Akihabara | TV signal cable | Cable TV line Closed-circuit TV line High-definition set-top box cable

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Choseal / Akihabara TV signal ...
  • Brand: Choseal / Akihabara
  • Model: TV signal cable
  • Process: gold-plated
  • Color Classification: a curved line has been inserted (325L) thick magnetic ring has been inserted into a curved (blue) a thread has been inserted (set-top box) has been a thread straight thread (STB)
  • Wire Category: RF RF cable
  • Material: pure copper
  • Length: 1.5 m 1 m 3 m 5 m 10 m Other lengths

Product brands: Akihabara (Original authentic licensed, gold-plated head)

Promotions begin: No more than 2 gifts sent a head, because gifts are limited, the number of single purchase orders to send the number of gifts not more than 15 (Required message)

Product number: Q-325L has been inserted into a curved Q-368 has been inserted into a curved magnetic ring (blue) Q225A has been inserted into the British thread (set-top box) Q225AL a curved insert has been in English thread The above interfaces are male, TV interface sub-line and threaded mouth, thread is also divided into English 9mm / metric 10mm, to confirm their own equipment before buying interface.

Product length: 0.5 meters 1 meter 1.5 meters 1.8 meters 3 meters 5 meters 10 meters

1.5 option is actually 1.8 meters, Taobao system because there is no length of 1.8 meters option, Other length of 0.5 meters Specifications, please know a friend Oh.

Pro attention , ①.With threaded interface connection Note that the existing line fine needle long, many pro equipment used too long then the standard contact will have bad signal attenuation, resulting in snow or no signal, is not a line problem, is the device interface Contact, it is recommended to buy a long needle can be used to customize the line Oh or buy a bend has been inserted + threaded adapter . Buy a bend has been inserted, do not set-top box of friends, first check whether the opening of a limited signal, such as no signal connected, that did not open a limited signal, not suitable for use of this product, the pro-buy shielded line, because we Of the line shielding is better, the outside interference signal shielding, can not receive signals, can only transmit signals!

Option Photo Description: Q325 (a bend has been inserted) new style Beige 75-5 standard is bold.

Advanced TV RF cable gold-plated head. Materials areOxygen-free copper Material, 24K non-magnetic Plug, reduce the contact signal attenuation, enhanced signal features, etc. Plug for the male head, connecting the female to use.

A bend has been inserted Old style white (RF head referred to as 9.5TV public) Two are straight socket, Low-capacity physical foam PE inner insulation layer and high purity oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductor;

Packing: not the same as the number of meters, the packaging is not the same, a bag and boxed, do not specify the packaging shipping, are the original authentic to receive in kind, product updates do not make any form of notification, want to understand.

3 meters 5 meters 10 meters in a bag and boxed (random delivery)

A thread has been inserted into the new style: 75-5 line thick

Old style line shooting: (referred to as inch F head) is generally used for set-top boxes, satellites

A thread has been inserted (set-top box): a thread, a straight-line, the thread is usually divided into two kinds, metric 10mm (distributor) and 9mm (diameter), the diameter of the old section is 6mm, the new 7.5mm are Akihabara genuine Inch (set-top box), the other wall also has screw mouth, need to distinguish between the amount of their own pro, buy a adapter can not understand can consult customer service.

Imperial diameter of 10mm outside diameter of 9mm (another metric diameter of 10mm outside diameter of 11mm)

A curved insert has been thread:

Bold plus magnetic ring has been inserted into a blue: And ordinary white interface is the same, the main difference is not the same material, the material is more adequate.