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Supply Yuxin activated carbon desulfurization

Supply Yuxin activated carbon desulfurization
  • Supply Yuxin activated carbon desulfurization
Product code: 21016400001
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Brand: Henan new models: the various
  • Exterior: Column
  • Materials: anthracite
  • specification: 1-4
  • granularity: 40 mesh
  • Decolorization rate: 98 %
  • Content of effective substances: 98 %
  • Moisture: 6 %
  • CAS: -
Detailed description:

Adsorption desulfurization is new and effective method of removing sulfur compounds in FCC diesel oil, with a simple operation, low investment cost, non-polluting, suitable for deep desulfurization, etc., is having a broad space for development and application of new technologies gather in front of activated carbon Oxidative modification of desulfurization rate of change in the following order: concentrated sulfuric acid> nitric acid> ammonium persulfate> hydrogen peroxide (30%)) solution of potassium permanganate, in the modified test methods in order to sulfuric acid ( or a combination of sulfuric acid otherwise) modified activated carbon desulfurization proud good, activated carbon sulfur capacity increased from 0. 0240g sulfur-modified pre / g sorbent sulfur to 0. 0529g / g sorbent. hydrotreating under study removal rate of diesel fuel, sulfur-modified activated carbon has never been 233% to 32.5% sulfuric acid modified activated carbon.

In industrial applications of activated carbon desulfurization abroad earlier, the use of relatively common, technology is more mature, it can not only desulfurization, but also organic sulfur removal. But the traditional single presence of activated carbon desulfurization slow, short life, low efficiency, sulfur capacity is small, frequent regeneration, high energy consumption and many other ills. To increase the performance of activated carbon desulfurization nothing more than to take one of three ways to try to increase the porosity of the activated carbon second on the introduction of chemically modified carbon surface active groups or activator for Removal of activated carbon can be impregnated.
Preparation of activated carbon sorbent material nature of the feedstock of choice largely determines the larvae structure and size of the surface area of ​​activated carbon and pore structure and the degree of metamorphism of coal and graphite than to have a direct relationship with the activated carbon desulfurization performance than the size of the surface area. The lower the volatile content of the higher molecular crystallites prepared activated carbon was between three-dimensional disordered crystallites to crosslink interconnected void structure in the space of divergence porosity high surface area of ​​a large high sulfur capacity. Conversely prepared carbon formation microcrystalline molecules arranged in an orderly and low porosity lower than the surface area of ​​small sulfur content. metamorphic grade and degree of graphitization lignite lignite slightly higher than the minimum bituminous coal. Therefore, the preferred preparation of activated carbon raw coal bituminous coal lignite followed.

I plant the production of desulfurization products, production process control and product testing. Reference to national standards GB / T7701.1-97 and GB7702. Customization and implementation of enterprise standard higher than the national standard.